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Hi I wondered if anyone has heard of or experienced this before. .I suffered from v bad spd in pregnancy but I was lucky in that it totally went within a couple of weeks after my little boy was born

He's now 8 months and for the last few weeks I have been experiencing sharp pains in the synthesis pubis region at the front with have increased in frequency. They are no where near like the pain in pregnancy but it feels similar to how it started

Has anyone ever heard of it returning? ?no chance I am pregnant either

Thanks for helping


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  • I believe it can turn up without a pregnancy, I had it in my first pregnancy and its started again in this one.

    After my little boy was born if I did a sharp movement then my pelvis would protest with those familiar pains. I hops you've just moved in a way it doesn't like. Give it a couple of days and see how u go but if not go back to your Dr for a physio referral. I guess the upside is you can take painkillers now? X

  • I have the condition and have had for years. It comes and goes depending on what I do. If I have done too much heavy lifting for example then other factors contribute like standing in one place too long .

    Have you been doing too much and has this also involved heavy lifting?

  • Poor you! One of my good friends was in a wheelchair towards the end of both her pregnancies and still suffers badly and sometimes needs a stick. I think it depends on the damage done to your ligaments to be honest, if you've had it bad and all your ligaments are stretched they may have scar tissue (which is what my friends problem is) this scar tissue has eventually healed, but gone harder than before, therefore anything you do, that were fine doing before pregnancy, may aggravate it. I would definitely seek physio for it. You can self refer in Cumbria, just need a form from your GP, not sure about other areas. X

  • I had it during pregnancy and ended up on crutches at the end. Still suffering 20 weeks after birth and have just been referred back to the physio after being fobbed off by my GPs for nearly 5 months. Pelvic floor exercises are something you definitely should be doing everyday, that will help, plus get a physio referral for other exercises to help.

  • If you have increased urinary frequency could it be related to cystitis / water infection? Might be worth getting your water sample tested.

  • hi hun i am sorry to hear this i am very experienced when it cames to spd i have 5 children under 7 and am expecting my 6th mad i know i suffered spd in all my pregnancys the 4th was the worst he broke my pelvis and damaged my spine during labour he was 10lb 13oz 3 weeks early. I had the symptoms carry on after two of my pregnancies the more the have the worse it gets your gp will refere you for physio walk little and often and heat packs are amazing i also took up swimming as been in the water really helps it can flair up with in a yr of giving birth it will go though dont worry if you need to ask me anything feel free hope this has helped x

  • Hi, it returned for me when my son was 9 months. I think it's just a weakness until you build up the strength again and as you get the confidence to exercise more it makes at more at risk. Try to remember all the preventative things you did in pregnancy, like getting out the car with your knees together for example. The Pelvic Girdle Partnership have been a great support to me and gave me the contact details of a private women's health physio. It was expensive but life-changing. I had seen an NHS physios through pregnancy and after and did NHS pilates but it didn't help. The private physio found the muscles in my side had got short and we're causing one side of my pelvis to be pulled up causing tension in the ligaments at the front. She did manual therapy to release the muscles in my side and buttock and after three weeks of treatment my pelvis finally stayed in place. It is temporarily worse after manual therapy, but it is dramatically better now. I also know that if I walk a long way I can expect some discomfort the next day, but I have various stretching exercises that help. After treatment I no longer felt disabled by it and if I'm lucky enough to have a second baby, I will go as soon as I have symptoms. At least I'll know it's not a 'normal' part of pregnancy as the NHS advised! You will get there. I strongly advise ringing the Pelvic Girdle Partnership (a charity set up by women who've had it) and if you can afford a private women's health physio with an interest in PGP, even for one or two sessions, it is worth every penny. Good luck and don't be scared. My physio says it is extremely rare that this is a long-term problem if treated.

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