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Got blood results back confused and worried


I got the result back to test for polycystic ovaries and I'm confused the receptionist said I have to speak to the doctor over androgen which is a sex disorder which is sometimes classed as intersex and mean insteadof having normal chromasones you have xxy and is also something you born which but I'm worried that I might not be able to have children and I don't know if that mean I have the disorder or not.

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Hiya, I'm not surprised that you're confused. I don't think that receptionists are supposed to discuss test results with you. They should just tell you to speak to your doctor.

Anyway, androgen is not a condition, it's the name of a group of hormones. It's perfectly normal for a woman to have androgens. Here is more information

If the receptionist told you that it was a condition then he or she is wrong and you need to tell your doctor that the receptionist is giving out misleading information. Try not to worry.


I'd also be concerned that the receptionist is aware of your test results. They shouldn't be. It's confidential.

Good luck when you see your Doctor.


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