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Thoughts on applying for work while ttc?

Dear All, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of applying for a new job while ttc. I have a 2-year old and was hoping to have my second child while in my current job and then move on shortly after returning from my second mat leave (but it's taking so much longer this time around plus another miscarriage). The problem is my current job (which I used to love) has changed alot due to changes in the company. Things are a lot more stressful and I'm struggling to keep a healthy work/life balance (even though I work part time at 4 days a week). I wake up almost every day so stressed and it's taking toll on my health and relationships. I've been applying for jobs but am also ttc. But ttc is obviously out of our control. Has anyone moved on and then had to handle being newly pregnant in a new job? If so, how has it worked out? Thanks so much for reading. Any advice much appreciated! Xxx

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Sorry, I meant to add that I feel very lucky in that I can have a great career part time and home based but I feel like the stress of my job is just too much to handle right now. I've spoken with my manager but the reality is that there are always busy periods to navigate. I'm trying to project manage well but the workload is just too much for a part timer...

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Hi bd123, my situation seems very similar to yours. I changed jobs 7 weeks ago and am also currently ttc for baby no 2 and my son is just over 2 years old. I too had a stressful job with significant responsibility and questioned my work life balance.

I have to say that changing jobs was the best thing I ever did.

I was/am a little concerned that if I were to become pregnant in the very short term my entitlement to statutory maternity pay may be compromised but that was a financial risk we were prepared to take in order to redress the work life balance.

I am considerably more relaxed now and also the challenge of a new job is helping to keep my focus (and obsession 😆 away from ttc).

I would say, start having a look around and see what job potential there is and you might be pleasantly surprised and inspired to consider changing your work.

In my opinion life is too short to be unhappy in your work when we spend such a significant amount of time doing it 😊 xxx

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Hi Dublin77, thanks so much for your reply. You've been really helpful - it's great to hear from someone in a similar boat who has made the change and had a positive experience. I agree with you in that I'm thinking of the maternity pay (as it's quite good in my company) but as you said, life is too short and we just need to make the important changes. I've started to look around already. I'm so glad that you're feeling a lot more relaxed now as that apparently makes a massive difference to ttc. Wishing you the best with it xxx


Hi Bd123, although I haven't been in the same position I can empathise because while my partner and I wanted a baby for a while, it never seemed the 'right' time to get trying.

Then I read an article (sorry I can't find it) that was talking about how you can't control TTC (as you said) but you can control things like your job and your work/life balance. Being in an unhappy or stressful job has an effect on your entire life (and potentially your ability TC) so that's the area you should focus on fixing. Hope that makes some kind of sense/is helpful.


Thank you Remysgal. I agree that the timing never seems 'right'. And it makes sense to take control over the controllable things. Thanks so much x


For maternity leave purposes would it not been better to stop trying until you’ve been in a new job long enough to qualify for maternity pay? Otherwise it’ll just be a whole lot more stress. X


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