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6 months old!! (well, in 4 days)

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Just thought I'd show you all how scrumptious my Niamh is now. She's the best thing ever! 😍 I know I whinge a lot, but I love being a mummy! Xx

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Ahhhh she's gorgeous :) loving her hair lol xxxx

Thanks! Obviously I think so. ❀ I have actually managed to get a plait in her hair! Lol. Xx

Omg milly is nearly 2 & I'm only just managing to do that lol warning to mums of newborns with cradle cap- DO NOT try and scrub it off with a sponge in the bath πŸ˜‚ Poor milly spent a year with a baby mullet while we waited for it to grow back!!

Can't believe it's been 6 months already! She's gorgeous :-) x

LottyB in reply to Kat_C


As if she's 6 months! Where the hell has the time gone!!!! She looks beautiful. Want to squidge those cheekies 😍

They are very squidgeable. Lol. And nibbleable too. She giggles when you nibble her cheeks, its adorable! ❀ xx

oh my god, she is sooooo gorgeous!!!

LottyB in reply to tazmania

Hehe. Isn't she just! ❀ x


wow what a beauty! x

LottyB in reply to Hidden

Thankyou! 😍 she's being a monkey at the minute. Doesn't want a nap. πŸ™ˆ xx

That has gone so fast! What a beauty xx I had my little boy 2 and a half weeks ago xxx

It goes too fast doesn't it! πŸ™ˆ x

She is beautiful Mum, give her lots of kisses on those sweet cheeks, my little girl just turned 9 months and time has flown so fast. Enjoy time with her as she will soon be up and about chasing you everywhere. My Bubba is on the go non stop and its brilliant, wears herself out in the day time and sleep lots at night. She is a big girl and her sisters say she is now exercising, enjoy the time is all I can say, best thing ever to be a Mum. X

LottyB in reply to Muminspire1

I'm trying to enjoy it. Its so amazing. Thanks. X

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