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Late period? Any help??

I'm 16, my appetite has changed in the last year or so (I don't eat a lot) and my weight goes up and down about every two weeks by a couple of pounds. My sleeping schedule is kinda messy. I have off days during the week at college so I stay up late some nights then sleep really early the next.

My periods used to change, I started when I was 12 and they'd change all over the month but a while ago they settled between the 18th (the start, estimating from my last period) and then the (25th the end, again estimating because I can't remember when I fully stopped.)

My boyfriend and I had protected sex on the 31st of October, about a couple of days after my period. There were no rips or tears in the condom at all! He didn't even ejaculate near me so I'm 99% sure I can't be pregnant.

I wouldn't say I'm stressed but I'm worried right now because my period is late, and my boyfriend is on a trip with his college so I feel a bit depressed that I wont see him for two-ish weeks.

I have cramps, right now. I think I do anyway, but I also had a yeast infection that I treated yesterday with a pill. It says that it can delay a period, so that's probably contributing towards it. I don't know why I'm worrying if I knew the intercourse was protected but I always get a pregnancy scare every time my period is late, (even though i've only had intercourse o

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im not quite sure what your question is. Sounds like your lifestyle is very hectic and your not even too sure when your period was last. Having a "messy" diet and sleeping schedule also can affect your periods. sounds like you are worried about being pregnant so maybe a pregnancy test might help calm you down (if indeed your period is late). Might be worth considering long term contraception if you have decided to be sexually active and keep a diary of your periods to prevent this in the future.


hiya - I would be more than 99% sure you're not pregnant. Have you considered another back-up form of contraception to put your mind at rest? They can also help to increase your apetite :) also i would recommend downloading an app such as Mentstrual Calendar where you can record your periods and symptoms, record protected and unprotected sex, etc. Has really helped me to feel more confident about my body and stop constantly worrying that i am pregnant xx


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