New mum of two babies

Our little man is here!!! I am now a mum of two fantastic children! Struggling a bit with parenting two so if any one has any advice please let me know! I'm formula feeding & every feed is different. We had to wake him up today to feed him! We went out today for our first adventure as a family of four & got pooped on by a bird, forgot how to use the pushchair & got attacked by swans!

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  • Lol made me laugh a little how old is your first child?

  • Aw bless you!!! Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you as we're currently TTC number two but perhaps try not to worry too much especially as your son is only 7 days old!!!! I think it sounds as if you're doing a fantastic job and things will settle down into your own family routine soon enough - don't be too hard on yourself 😊 xxx

  • Ah congratulations! How old is number 1? I have 11 and I found it best to let the older ones be involved and ' help ' with the baby - tho it may take a bit longer to get things done! I remember letting a few help bath the latest addition on the front room floor - and one of them pulled the plug out! But if they are involved they are less likely to be jealous and resent the baby. Giving them big Bro / sis responsibility worked every time! Gud luck!

  • I have a two year gap between my two and found a sling invaluable so I could run after number one while knowing number 2 was safe and snug. Find your local sling library and try some out. I found number 2 fitted into number 1s routine and by wearing him in the sling I was able to give both the attention they needed. A stretchy or close caboo is the best for a newborn, but once he's outgrown that there's so many different ones it's best to try before you buy.

  • Thank you! Our little lady is 2years & 3 months & our little boy is 8 days old!

  • My first son was 2 and a half when I had my second son. Don't worry it's early days yet. You will soon be into the flow. It might feel like twice the work at the moment but it's also twice the joy and fun. Let your older one help a little with the baby, this helps stop them from getting jealous as they've had your full attention for the past couple of years. Just enjoy them hun. Take care x

  • sounds like an eventful day! I remember every outing being so frazzled when matilda was small. sorry no advice RE managing two but take as many offers of help as you can!! xxx

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