Hair Shocker!!

I'm the very proud owner of a lovely adorable 2 week old baby boy but now appear to have the worst hair ever!!

What can I do to rescue it??? I naturally have big thick curls and alot of frizz so am used to needing intense conditioning treatment but this is crazyness. It has gone from being very soft and beautifully conditioned to dry brittle and quite frankly horrible!

Please help!!

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I lost most of my hair after giving birth.i had to take care of it and have time for it all over again.i bought pantene hair conditioner shampoo and used coconut hair food. Now my hair is all back to its former glory.

I switched to using the yes to shampoo range in boots. The blueberries one. Its sls free so stopped stripping my hair like other shampoos. My hair is a lot less frizzy and actually has some shine. I also leave it longer between washing too. Its early days and your body is going through all sorts of changes. It will all be back to normal soon

No-one warns you what pregnancy does to your hair! After having two children I can now definitely see grey hairs and it's much coarser than it used to be (I'm 36 and have a 3 1/2 year old and 19 month old). It's not as crazy as those days following giving birth but it another of those signs that my body shows that I have children. Like stretch marks and not quite as flat tummy's, you learn to accept and embrace the changes that your post giving birth body has become. There are loads of products out there, ask your hairdresser what they recommend.

It all falls out and looks awful, then at about 9 months - 1 year, the new growth starts to show and you have a really awful halo of frizz! At 14 months I almost know what to do with it, but I did have to have my long hair cut short and I don't tie it up as much as I used to or I have wispy sideburns and weird hair escaping down the back of my neck! I guess it's just time! Ah, the unexpected joys of being a mum!


You'll loose the extra you kept during pregnancy from around 3-4 months (and then mine stopped coming out at 8 months), just wait until it starts growing back! you wont be able to see where its come out so don't worry about looking bald or anything, its when its growing back that it really looks mad. My hairdresser thought I'd tried to cut myself a fringe, it's ridiculous!

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