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Sling baby c section help

Hiya my baby was breech when I was 24 weeks and at 33 weeks he is in a tranverse position I know he is very comfortable there! And I'm

Not worried about having the be booked in for a c section if it has to be done I'm a wear he can still move my concern is so they book you for 39 weeks if so I'm 39 weeks on 26th December would they do it at 38 weeks as I don't want to spend Christmas worrying my self and not enjoying my Christmas with faimly X

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Afraid I don't know the answer to this - they will be keen to avoid the possibility of spontaneous labour before the section is booked in so perhaps they will consider going for a week earlier. Perhaps you can ask your midwife? She will hopefully know the protocol surrounding this as this sort of timing must have applied to other ladies in the past xx


Thank you yes I spoke to her on Saturday when I had a class and she said they do it at 39 weeks but because I didn't realise it would mean the 26th December I didn't ask if they let you do it in the 38 weeks thank you I'll find out more next Tuesday xx


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