Hi guys I'm Judy and my stories are very sad like many others. I took a home pregnancy test after not having my period on time and test was positive and nexterior day early morning I felt something while I was sleeping rush to the bathroom sure enough I was bleeding and next day the bleeding got heavier with clots so I went to the Er they did blood test it was at 12.6 hcg and the Dr told me to come back in 48 hours for a retest so I did and it dropped to 6 I bleed for six days and I did another home pregnancy test and it was negative .what should I? do now

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  • I'm sorry this happened to you. Take the time you need to grieve. It's a very sad thing to have to endure. In time the pain will lesson. Not much help, I know. But you can try again as soon as you are ready.

  • I am sorry to hear this, Judy. This happened to me only two or three months ago - I miscarried only three days after I found out I was pregnant. There is not much you can do - be kind to yourself and keep trying when you feel ready. Good luck.

  • try to rest n see what happens. U may have lost your child im so sorry. U can bleed and still b pregnant but i dont want to give u false hope. I suppose if u get a bump you will know for sure. I do know people with endometriosis can bleed. Just see wat happens n dont stop trying for a child if u really want one xxx bless you xx

  • Thanks to all I do still hope I'm still pregnant. I have two children that never happened to me before

  • Hi Judy, agree with others, get checked by GP to be sure whether you are still pregnant or not (especially if were keen to have baby #3).

    If not & still trying, then recommend get healthy (no caffeine / alcohol, limit chocolate intake, eat more fruit & veg & lean protein, etc.) as this worked for us - mmc 1st pregnancy 5th Jan 2014 onwards (found out 23rd Dec 2013) & by July 2014 was pregnant again. Our little boy was 7 months old yesterday 😀

    Sorry for your loss & good luck.

    MC Association site & Period Tracker / Mums Net forums helped me come to terms.

  • Awwe man im so sorry for u @judylover i pray u are still pregnant cause a loss of a baby is terrible it took me a while to wrap my head around i was 3 months when i miscarried so im praying for u go see a doctor and let us know what happen!!

  • Thanks again for your concern I really still hope that I'm still pregnant

  • I have an appointment tomorrow the 18th I'll keep you guys posted

  • I'm sorry you suffered a miscarriage, hope you take time to grieve and rest. I really don't want to dampen your hopes, however if they tested your HCG and it was 12 and 48hrs later it was 6, it is unlikely you're still pregnant. This happened to me and people kept giving me false hope which hurt more when I received my final blood test and was told I wasn't pregnant anymore.

    I wish you the best and really hope that you are okay after your appointment.

  • Thanks to all for replying but I postponed my appointment for Monday so again I'll keep you guys posted with the outcome. I understand what some of you ladies are saying and your probably right I don't feel like I'm pregnant but I believe God has a plan for me maybe not now but I believe he'll bless me with more children soon.love you and good luck to all you mom's out there.

  • I finally went to my Gynecology and she a pregnancy test and she said I'm not pregnant that's good and bad although I still wanted to be pregnant but I'm ok with the outcome that means there's no tissues left inside me it's all flush out on it's own but ladies good luck to you all.I wish we all can have babies because we really want to have them .

  • Sounds like a early miscarriage. Im not a medic but I suggest you seak to your GP.

    Sorry to hear.

    I do hope you have some good news soon.

  • Gosh I'm late on this discussion thread. Sorry.

    Ive been trying for a second child since March. Tick tock tick tock.

    I thougt I was last month as my period was over a week late. Then it came. Sigh.

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