Fluttering at 19 weeks then.. nothing

Hi Everyone, I'm posting this here as I'm pretty sure that my husband is very bored of me talking about it! I'm very frustrated as at 19+6 I had a whole afternoon of feeling my little girl inside me. Those unmistakeable butterfly-wing tickles.

Since then.. nothing!

Just wondering if anyone had the same experience. It was the most amazing feeling and I'm desperate to feel it again.

Has anyone else felt their baby followed by silence in trim 2? I know that it's more likely to be around week 25 or so that I really start to notice (currently at 20+4), just looking to hear about others' experiences.

I'm panicking that I've put on so much weight I'm too padded to feel her?! haha.

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Niamh would do that to me! Be hyper and wriggly one day then nothing the next.

I wouldn't worry too much, if she's still not wriggly tomorrow just pop and get them to check, but she's probably just chilling.

😘 xx

Thanks LottyB. Really appreciate your advice. I only felt her once and that was a week ago so maybe I should ask. This might be a stupid question but who do I ask? Do I go to my Gp (who I haven't had any baby related contact with since I was referred to antenatal clinic) or do i call the antenatal clinic where I get scanned etc? All the advice always seems to say "speak with your midwife if you're worried" but I see a different person every time I go to the clinic so don't really know who to speak to!

I would just give the clinic a call hun. If not ring your out of hours doctor (your gp practice should have the number in a message when they are closed)

It'll just settle your mind.

Wait till you feel everything it's really weird. I wasn't keen, it gave me motion sickness. Lol.


Hey! I'm 19 + 5 and I have days when I definitely feel baby move and others where I feel nothing! I find it happens most often after a big meal and tonight I had some coke which seemed to perk he/she up! So I would suggest lying in a quite space after dinner wit your hands on your tummy. If you've not felt anything after an hour or so then it might be worth calling your midwife but, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about! x

Hi everyone. Thanks LottyB and Hopeful1982 for your advice. Can you believe that I was lying in bed last night and at 1am there she was boom! Boom! Boom! Giving me a series of kicks. She must have known.

When I first felt flutters, I was so excited. Then I had a bug and I didn't feel them again for a week or two and became really worried. I had my midwife appointment coming up so I waited and everything was fine! I felt them again after that but on and off. It wasn't until about 25 weeks that I felt them regularly!

It depends on their position and the position of the placenta. They move around a lot at that stage as they have lots of space but you don't feel it all. When the baby gets bigger you'll certainly feel it...in the ribs, on your bladder, all through the night! I'm sure it'll all be fine but do call your midwife if you're concerned. I always asked to listen to the heartbeat as they didn't always offer, but I loved it. Good luck, and tell your husband he'll have to get used to the worrying! This is just the beginning of your adventure!

Thanks for so many helpful responses. I feel much more relaxed now and so happy to be part of this community x

I had exactly the same thing at 19 weeks! I was so worried I rang medicom and they said they could fit me in at the local community hospital. The midwife did some checks including baby's heartbeat. Everything was fine which helped reassure me a little but I wasn't totally happy until my 20 week scan.

I am now 22+3 and I felt a proper hard kick the other day but sometimes I feel nothing and sometimes it doesn't stop....seems to be most active at night when I'm trying to sleep!

It's totally natural to worry especially as no baby is the same and it's worse if there is no pattern like with mine!

You can always ring the midwife and if she's no good, lug yourself down to the early pregnancy unit.

Sorry for the long post! Good luck xxx

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