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Is it safe to use the same bottle with baby number two or will I need to get new bottles, teats and steriliser?

Hi all,

We are expecting baby number two shortly and although I am hoping to breastfeed, I remember from baby number 1 that it isn't always possible.

Do we need to buy new bottles and teats or just teats or do we need to buy all new equipment?

Many thanks


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hI - I think the *official* advice is to start afresh with bottles and teats, but I don't think that the steriliser should be changed (don't quote me on this). Personally, I would ignore the advice and use my common sense. I would look through the bottles and throw away any that are quite scratched but keep the rest. I would start afresh with most of the teats unless any of them looked like brand new. Without a doubt I would use the same steriliser so long as the lid still fits it well and it's not rusting or looking battered. Would be interesting to hear others' thoughts!


My health visitor weirdly asked if I'd bought new bottles when Niamhy pops was born, she said second hand are fine for bottles aslong as the plastic isnt perished and the lids still fit tightly. I personally would get new teats as babies like to chew them and that can damage them.

Defo use the same steriliser as long as everything looks/is in good order. I just got a microwave one as it was cheaper, so if you need a new one that's an idea for you. 😊



Hey there, much like the other ladies I would definitely buy new teats but continue to use your existing steriliser as long as it is still fit for purpose.

Personally as and when we get to baby no 2 (soon I hope) we agreed that were going to buy new bottles however, this is purely because we've had the same bottles since our son was 4 days old and he's now 2 so they've been sterilised endless times!!! Plus if we have a girl next time I'd love to buy some pink ones 😊 xxx


Thank you all!



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