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Working away

Afternoon all, just wanted to see if anyone could share their experiences of working away when you've got little ones.

My son is now 2 and after maternity leave I chsnged my job to one with less stress, better working hours although it was a lot less pay/benefits. However, I was recently offered a better job which although has a lot of responsibility but the company are incredibly respectful of employees with families and work life balance. I accepted the job and it has so far been exactly as promised which I am pleased about. November I have to attend a residential training course for 5 nights (mon-fri) which means leaving my little boy 😢. I know Daddy and Nanny will do an excellent job caring for him and it's only a one off but I can't bear to think of him asking for me and I'm not there!!

Anyone had any similar experiences? How did you get on?

Thanks xx

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when my two boys where young I had to go to north England (from South Wales) for a week or so cos I had a very sick relative, it was hard leaving my boys but they coped with it better than I thought they would, better than me tbh. I was lucky that I got to FaceTime them too which made things easier. It's only a few days, ans you can speak to him everyday and ring at bedtime to say goodnight, if you take a book with you you could even read him a bed time story xx

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Ah thanks Steffi 27, I agree with you in that it'll probably be harder for me than for him! He loves his Daddy and Nanny so I'm sure he'll be fine - just me that will be an emotional wreck 😆!!

Great idea with the FaceTime, we can easily do that and he is used to that as we do it with nanny and grandad most weeks.

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