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early pregnancy spotting


I did a pregnancy test 3 days ago and I discovered it was positive!

But I have been experiencing slight spotting and discomfort (like premenstrual signs) like two weeks ago. These spotting was very slight and lasted only 2 days. But the problem is that I had more spotting starting from 3 days ago and it is still ongoing.

I saw my GP and they said that we should wait another week to see what happens, because if I had a scan now (I am 5 weeks pregnant) they couldn't see anything.

Have anybody experienced anything like this? I am very scared, because these can also be signs of a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

Please share your experiences.

Thank you!

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Hiya, did you do a test after a missed period? i found out i was pregnant at about 6 weeks, around the time my period was supposed to be i had spotting along with discomfort thought nothing of it, turns out it was the egg implanting itself into my uterus(which caused a little bleeding and the discomfort) i know it can be terrifying as you think it could be the worst scenario, the warning signs to look out for miscarriages are bright red blood (can be thick in consistency) along with severe cramping, from what you've said i would think it was something similar with what happened to me, although still best to have it checked out just to be on the safe side, blood showing during pregnancy can make anyone worry! i've also had bleeding after intercourse with my partner at times throughout my pregnancy (due to increased blood flow to the vagina and low lying placenta) didn't know that at the time and really panicked as was half way through my pregnancy! i don't want to make you any worse but the worrying doesn't get any better just have to try and think positively but also make sure you raise any issues at all with your gp or midwife if you are concerned about anything at all, best of luck and hope everythings okay :) x


I'm experiencing the same things.


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