Abdominal pain at 16weeks

Hi, I'm pregnant for the first time, and with twins. Since finding out I was pregnant I've felt what I can only describe as dull period pain in my lower abdomen which I mentioned to my midwife and she said that was normal. However since the early hours this morning I keep getting short sharp shots of pain especially on the right side of my my bump, plus more frequent period style cramps across the whole lower abdomen. I'm not due to see the midwife again for another 2weeks. Is this sort of cramp/pain normal?

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  • Hi there. When I was pregnant I experienced all kinds of period pain and sharp jabbing pains, even pains I had not felt before. It is usually all the stretching that's going on and nothing to worry about. Your body has to accomodate your babies. However if the pain becomes unbearable and your instinct tells you something isn't right, go to A&E or alternatively the 24 hour ward for pregnant women I just forget the name of it now (if your hospital has one). They will deal with you promptly and they usually run checks such as listening to the heartbeat etc. Honestly though it sounds normal so just chill out and relax. xxx

  • I agree with crystal. I had the same and it is usually your womb and everything starting to stretch. Try to relax but if your still not sure get it checked for your own peace of mind. Take care hun x

  • Like the two lovely ladies above have said, it is very common having pain as all your ligaments move, stretch and loosen to accommodate baby. Probably more so with twins. But only you know your body. If you are at all unsure, or the pains get worse, Ring your midwife or go to the hospital.


  • I experienced all the same pains you have described with my last, some days the pains was so bad I was doubled over and couldn't walk, it was stretching. I imagine with 2 babies that it's twice as painful. Give your midwife a bell though, it will help to put your mind at ease otherwise you may spend the next two weeks worrying which isn't good for you or for babies

  • Hi, I'm 19 weeks and have had similar problems, I've also had hip and knee pain amongst other things. I've just come back from seeing my midwife who checked me over and said it was normal. In my case, she has also recommended I refer myself to the physio for the hip problems.

    It does seem to be a normal thing and the lady who answered my initial call on the medicom line said they get lots of calls like this.

    That said, if you are worried, give the midwife a call. That is what they are there for! There's nothing worse than sitting there worrying yourself to bits! Good luck and keep well xx

  • Hi - I has them bad til about 20 wks - they just your ligaments stretching. Any bleeding at all tho shud be reported to your midwife straight away. Gud luck with your twins!

  • Thank you ladies. It's a relief to hear it's all normal was just concerned by the sharp pain especially when I woke with it but you've really put my mind at rest, guess I best get shopping for proper maternity wear and start sharing the news. Thanks again x

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