The girls... 6 weeks + 1 day

The girls... 6 weeks + 1 day

The girls are growing fast! Here's a pic of their cheeky little faces 😊 they have both now moved out of their incubators and are both now in cots (or fish bowls as the nurses have lovingly called them). The tubes you are are their hi-flow, which was "installed" due to the girls having a wee bit of a set back last week, but they are getting back on track. And then we have their feeding tubes.... They aren't quite ready to be feeding fully from bottles but we are trying with that one. Poppy managed to complete her first full bottle yesterday.... Clever little pumpkin 😊 holly isn't too far behind, taking 2/3 of her bottle yesterday. Can't wait to post again to give you all another update. Xxxxx


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  • Awww bless them!!! They are doing so well! Love their little cardigans 😍

  • Awwwwwe sooo adorable πŸ˜ƒ

    Pleased to hear that they are out of their incubators now and feeding well.

    They'll be home with you soon xxxx

  • Wow they are coming on leaps and bounds now 😊 clever girls you have there! Absolutely beautiful and love their cardi's xx

  • Awww, hi girlies!! 😘 they are determined little babas. They are adorable hun. So happy they are getting there. Xxx

  • Poppy and holly have come such a long way! So glad to hear that they're out of the incubators and in cots. That's a real turning point. And feeding well too. Awww, they are so beautiful. Hope mummy and daddy are doing fine too xxx

  • Aww gorgeous girls!! I love their beautiful pink cardigans. Well done baby girls and take care Mummy and Daddy xx

  • aww what cuties cxxx

  • They are so cute.

  • Awww just got a bit emotional seeing that pic lol. Glad they are doing well, they look so big compared to the last pic xx

  • That is wonderful.. Before you know it they will be home.. They are beautiful. X

  • Beautiful girls. I'm so glad to read that they are doing so well. You'll be bringing them home before you know it. Take care of yourself xxx

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