Update/scan pic

Update/scan pic

Hi ladies, I don't know if it was obvious in my last post but I was on the verge of having gender dissapointment just recently. Which is silly as I don't currently know the gender of my unborn yet but had much hoped for a girl as already have a beautiful little boy. However I'm coming to terms with being excited with either a boy or girl! And look forward to our new arrival. I think I've over come gender dissapointment by planning for the baby and getting excited at just preparing for the little one rather then focusing on getting excited by the baby's gender. im currently 14 weeks and have a scan coming up at 16 and 18 weeks and look forward to seeing just how much my baby's grown. I do want to find out the gender when possible but only so I can carry on preparing for the baby's arrival as I want to be organised this time round! Anyway sorry for the massive essay but just needed to get it off my chest. Will keep you all updated in my pregnancy journey! Also just thought I'd share a pic of my little cherub! Can't wait until I can see him/ her again! 😊😊xxx

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  • It's totally understandable to want a little girl if you already have a little boy. Don't feel bad 😔

    I would focus on the baby being healthy and I am sure you will be developing a bond with your baby every day 😃

    If I'm honest I have always wanted a little boy but now I know that I will be equally delighted with what ever we have.

    I know that is easy for me to say, I'm not in your situation but I am sure you will love another little boy just as much as a little girl.

    Have you spoken to your other half or your midwife about how you are feeling?


  • That's what Im thinking now as long as the baby's healthy that's all that matters and awh congrats on your little one!! And I think I might mention it to my OH later. He's really good about the whole thing he really doesn't mind what we have as long as the baby's well and healthy and he's been really supportive throughout the pregnancy. Thanks for your advice Hun starting to see things in a better perspective feel much better now tbh xxx

  • I know the feeling I had 2 boys before I had a girl. Tried for a girl got another boy, tried again and here I am with twins. Lol one is a girl so that's it for me.

  • I have 3 boys and I wouldn't change it for the world. Enjoy your pregnancy hun x

  • Wanted our babs to be healthy, but was excited to find out gender as my family female dominated (am one of three girls, Dad has sister, Mum is one of five & only one is a brother, she has twin sister who also has two girls) & hubby's family male dominated (he has a brother, his Dad has a brother, his cousins are one boy, one girl - she is army, his mum welsh & massive rugby fan - tomboys is best description).

    Turned out babs was a boy & I love it!!! He's nearly 6 months old now & I wouldn't swap him for all the tea in china :-) Will find out again if we have another one & am excited either way - another boy would be fab so they can play & one of each would be great too!!

    One of my sisters expecting twins March - 20 week scan in Nov, we're all excited to see if they have one of each (they're non-identical)!!!! :-)

  • I think whatever the baby is i'll start looking forward to the new arrival now,my little man is going to have a sibling!! And although some women prefer one of each or a mix of children (me that use to be one of them) I'm really starting to warm to the idea of two little boys they'll be like twins lol! And if it is a girl it will be a whole new girly experience so either way all is good as long as baby is healthy and congrats on your pregnancy Melissa!! Hope all goes well xx and awh I love it when their at that age my little boy is almost eight months now they grow too fast lol x @ hough and thank you Jo!! Xx

  • A quick update.......

    My little boy arrived on Friday afternoon 😃

    Totally mind blowing and THE best feeling ever xx

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