Did any of the usual "ways to bring on labour" work for you?

So I've had a hot curry, more sex than usual (well, since I become the size of a small house) and tonight I've eaten some pineapple. I've been very active anyways and always out and about and running after my toddler. I'm 38 weeks this Saturday coming, and I booked in for a c section two weeks tomorrow. I was induced last time and it resulted in a c section, so I'm not completely sure what to expect if I go on my own, but I've eaten that pineapple and I feel a bit more twingy and uncomfortable. I do feel like my body is closer to labour at this point than it was at this point last time. Past few days I've had a burst of energy and have been nesting. What other things do they say can bring on labour and have they worked for any of you ladies? I would like to go on my own but I will still have the c section if I get to that date. I would just like the opportunity to at least try I guess. Any responses much appreciated.

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  • I have four and they were all late, the last one, 15 days over and resulting in induction. Try reflexology I tried it with number three and it did the trick - three hours after it and I was in Labour, had my quickest Labour and least painful. Also just relaxing should do it

  • That's quite an interesting one, and I know a someone who does it too so it might b worth looking into. 😊 thank u for replying. Atm I'm wishing I bought more pineapple as it seemed to do something haha. Nevermind, there's always tomorrow

  • If it does not work then at least you would have had your feet rubbed for an hour whilst relaxing music played

  • Unfortunately none of them actually work- the baby will come when it's ready! When you hear women say 'I ate a curry and went into labour the next day', it's likely that they would have gone into labour anyway and it was just coincidence.

    New research suggests (not yet conclusive I don't think) that it's a hormone that the baby secretes from its lungs that prompts labour.

    That said, I had a sweep and that seemed to work, but none of the "old wives' tales" do.

    Just try and be as patient as possible (I know that it's incredibly difficult!) and don't overdo it. Your beautiful baby will be here in no time. Maybe use it as a chance to spend some quality one-on-one time with your lovely toddler before the baby comes?

    Congratulations and best of luck :) xx

  • Thank you for ur reply, I'm trying not to get to ahead of myself. I wont go beyond the day before due date to see her little face anyways, I'm just being impatient. My little boy has been fab, think hes enjoying the time we're having together. Although I think hes getting impatient too, keeps tapping my bump going hello baby where are you!? Lol

  • I've seen various comments on Facebook where people have gone early after watching Michael McIntyre live, I imagine it's the hours of uncontrollable laughter which has helped things along. So grab a dvd by ur fab comedian sit down with ur other half and have a giggle, worth a shot! Failing that whilst I was in hospital last year I watched loads go just by spending a few hours bouncing on a birthing ball. Good luck

  • I saw an article on facebook the other day where a women went 6 weeks early from uncontrollable laughing at one of his gigs. I think if I was to watch him it would be on my own, my other half isn't a stand up fan (....i know 😐) but I suppose its worth a go.

  • One of my friends swears by nipple tweaking! Lol

  • According to my midwife labour is triggered by the hormones bromine (I think that's how its spelt) and oxytocin. This hormone is released after orgasm, nipple stimulation etc. Pineapples are said to contain small amounts of bromine, but you would need to eat seven or more (including the core where its more concentrated) to actually trigger labour.

    I tried everything and still had to be induced. As much as you want to meet your baby, enjoy these Las few weeks. Relax and sleep as much as you can as you wont get any after if your baby is anything like mine! πŸ™ˆ

    Baby will come when its ready. πŸ˜ƒ x

  • Well baby will arrive via sunroof a week this Friday coming (day before due date) so at least I know I wont have to wait more than that. I've got an almost 2 year old too so I dont get the opportunity to sleep in the day. But I'm certainly making the most of the nights atm 😊 and my boy was a proper night owl wen he was newborn too. 😊 x

  • Its so exciting! Don't envy you having to be pregnant with a two year old too! That's one reason why one is enough for me. Lol. Xx

  • The bravest woman I know is my cousin who has 6 boys. And she's had the last 2 within 13 months of each other and both since I had my 2 year old lol. I don't think she remembers what sleep is πŸ˜‚ x

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