Pregnancy due date?

I have a bit of a weird one and can't seem to find an answer online. Basically, in August my period was due around the 14th but it didn't turn up, I took a couple of tests the week after, all negative. 2 weeks later (1st September) I got my period and then this month (1st October counting 4 weeks afternoon new date) it didn't turn up again, did a test and I'm pregnant. I'm assuming I'm now 5 weeks pregnant but could it be possible I was pregnant the first time but too early to tell?

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  • Yes it could well possibly be that you were testing early and you could be further gone. Some people do get periods through pregnancy. Youve just got to wait till a scan now to actually find out how far gone you are. Congratulations :)

    Dont forget to come back and let us know how far gone!

  • I guess I'll just have to be patient then! 🙈 useless at the waiting game :(

  • I know ,im currently waiting to find out if im pregnant or not!

  • Fingers crossed! :) although mine was unplanned so still trying to get my head around it!

  • I found this pregnancy calculator the most helpful when I found out I was pregnant.

    Congratulations and good luck

  • If you test using a clearblue digital test it tells you how many weeks pregnant you are so no need to wait for your scan!!

  • Thank you, they only test up to 3 weeks though so anything more it just says 3+ anyway :( will just have to be patient and wait for scan!

  • Technically it tells you how many weeks from conception then you add two weeks to get roughly how far along you are.

  • I know but I'm at least 5 weeks so it shows 3+ anyway :(

  • Did the calculator help?

  • No sorry, it doesn't take into account things like that, only a guess guide.

  • Take things into consideration like what? Everyone only ever has a guesstimation of when you conceived, no worries thought it might help with seeing when you might have conceived and whether you had unprotected sex 2+/- either side.

    Good luck

  • Things like whether I could have been pregnant before my last bleed as it was 2 weeks late. It just asks you for your last period and calculates from there. Will have to wait for dating scan, thanks for trying to help though :)

  • Did you find out if you're expecting?

  • I'm only 7 weeks so won't know more till dating scan as to how far along I actually am x

  • Aww congrats, did you have blood work in the end to confirm your pregnancy?

  • No I don't need to as I was never in doubt of whether I was pregnant. Had positive test straight away x

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