37+ and just wanting to stuff my face

I've been very good with my diet this time round as I've avoided gestational diabetes and haven't went crazy with the naughty food and cut out sugar in my hot drinks and swapped white bread for seeded, but the last couple of days....ive just wanted to stuff my face! This morning I've had an apple, 2 bowls of corn flakes and a bourbon biscuit and I've been up 2.5 hrs! And I could eat more! Feeling like a piggy! Maybe little miss has moved down a bit more making more room for food? Or maybe I'm just making excuses lol. My other half doesn't think I'm gonna make it to c section date, which is two weeks Friday. I'm not so sure, I'm just taking each day as it comes! Otherwise I'll drive myself crazy with all the little niggles and what not! Getting impatient now, feels like I've been pregnant forever!!!


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  • We didnt think I would last til my date either,the pains I was getting were scary sometimes.i can totally relate 2 the increased eating towards the end,I couldve just kept eating if I hadnt stopped myself and they were always the wrong things.i think mine was down 2 tiredness,u always want more sugar and comfort food and I thought,I cant go out cos im uncomfortable and the only pleasure I got was eating.dont be 2 hard on yourself just eat what u fancy and take it easy.xx

  • Yeah comfort food has been top of the agenda atm. And it is hard to refuse all the naughty things when ur toddler gets hold of some biscuits and comes up to u going "Ta! Ta!" Coz he wants one lol. If he's having one, I'm having 5 haha! My parents popped round earlier and my mum made a comment about my obvious nesting lol. I've been having back pain, that comes and goes, that I never experienced in my first pregnancy. And because of all the mummy running around in doing anyways, I feel like my body is more prepared this time round at this point than I was at this point in my last pregnancy. But I'm sure I'll go all the way to c section date. Just anything can happen at this point. My other half seems constantly nervous atm lol hope u and bubs are doing well x

  • I used 2 stand up in the evening cos my legs would be uncomfortable and all of a sudden I d be doubled up saying "ooo,ahh" in pain+my other half was panicking that I was in labour.u never know,it might happen before,whens your section date again?xx

  • 2 weeks Friday, 23rd. I have been running around quite a bit, I seem to have found some lost energy the past few days. But that could be all the eating lol. Just gotta take each day as it comes, that's what I keep telling myself. I feel more niggles than I let on to my other half coz I don't want him getting excited. Walking round town pushing my boy in his pushchair brings on a few niggles. But its not like I've lost my plug, and I'm not going to get excited unless that happens. Plus going into spontaneous labour is the unknown for me. Eeek!

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