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Nub theory? Accurate or not?

Hi all, I have my first 12 week scan with my 2nd in a few days time and even though it's only the dating scan I'm dying to know the gender of the baby. I already have a son so a little girl would be nice however in my small family it's mainly all girls so having another little boy would also be lovely too, I just want to know! Is there any truth in predicting the baby's gender by the nub theory, that 'the angle of the dangle' ( 30 degrees or more a boy and less a girl) can be a sign of the baby gender? Let me know ladies, many thanks xx

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Hi, I tried allsorts of theories of predicting my babies gender, and I had a few friends who were/are having babies close to me, and mine was the only one we got right, out of five pregnancies. Haha. I had a gut feeling I was pregnant only three days after my period, and at eight weeks I was calling it a she. It was so hard waiting to 20 weeks to find out! But she's a she, and she's perfect. I totally think subconsciously mummies know.

I know that doesn't help much, but whatever you have, its amazing! X


I'm almost convinced that I am having a boy, have been right from the start and quite a few of my friends agree with me.

I have googled lots of sites that give you sooo many different ways to try and work it out based on what you crave, shapes of tummies, heart rates etc. Even one that tried suggesting that when you conceive and what your own birthday is will tell you!

We never wanted to know from the scans and we still want a surprise but there is part of me that is desperate to know now. I only have a few more weeks to wait but have started wondering if it is actually a girl now.

In the end, what will be will be, and we can't change it. we will be delighted with either, but it would make shopping and decorating the nursery easier! Lol.

Just remember that they can never be 100% accurate on the scans. I know at least 3 or 4 people who were told it was one only to end up having the other!

I'll let you know whether my instincts are right when our LO arrives xx

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We did find out at our 20 week scan, and they were right, but when I gave birth the first thing I asked was is it definitely a girl. Haha. Everything was pink! And she's adorable.

Maybe you are right, but like you say as long as baby is healthy, it really doesn't matter. 😘 xx


True I just want the little one to be well and healthy,though the suspense of not knowing the baby's gender is killing me!! I've tried everything to guess the baby's gender,From taking gender prediction quiz to looking up things like the skull theory or the nub theory. But I guess I'll just have to wait until my next scan and even then it's not a 100% accurate. Will keep you all updated when I do find more out about the little munchkin. Thanks for the advise ladies xxxx

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