I'm back :)

It's been years since I've finally been on this site & ive missed it a lot! Although I wanted too update you ladies. After miscarrying on September 26,2012 and my second baby, my baby girl was born sleeping in August 1, 2013; I finally have my baby in my arms. His name is Aidan & he is currently 6 months old now. Born on March 2, 2015. A 5lb 03 oz. 16 in handsome boy. He is such a character! 😍


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  • I am soooo happy for you. My little girl was born asleep 14th March 2012. I know how hard it is. My little man was born September 2013. He is such a joy. Our little girls will always be in our hearts. Enjoy your little one, so much joy your way hun x

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