Pelvic pain at 35 weeks

Ouch is all I can say. I had a bit of pain in my first pregnancy but nothing like this! I was fine until a few days ago. Its manageable throughout the day until tea time. That's when it gets worse. My left side hurts more, there's no way I can stand on my left leg, putting all my weight on it. Hurts way too much! I'm still able to do things and get things done slowly, but that's the thing, atm I'm having to slow down now and not push it too much. I'm booked in for my c section on the 23rd of October, day before due date, but I have a funny feeling she will be early. So my main question is, can my midwife or Dr do anything for me? Or is it just a case of riding it out? Who do I contact, midwife or Dr?

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  • Contact both but they'll prob tell u there's not much they can do 😞. I had spd in my first pregnancy and the pain can b horrendous. U could book yourself in with a chiropractor, they helped tremendously for me. The Drs did nothing. If you're having pelvic pain its important to stand with your weight evenly distributed. Sit up straight, put on clothes sat down so your not putting stress on your pelvis and get out and in the car with your legs together, swivel round and slide out, put a plastic bag on the seat if this helps. If things,hurt try not to do them, not always possible I know! Oh and hoovering and pushing trollies are v bad, introduce your bf or husband to the Dyson 😊. Good luck xxxx

  • Thanks for ur reply. My other half's hoovering skills aren't amazing lol practice makes perfect I suppose! And I've been trying to make sure my weight is evenly distributed when getting up and down. Did u take paracetamol for the pain? I have had it suggested to me but I don't wanna be taking loads of paracetamol at the last part of pregnancy. The first part of pregnancy this time was filled with anti sickness tablets uh nevermind.

  • I chose not to tale paracetamol but I had no other kids and wasn't working so i could take it easy. Tbh paracetamol did v little for the pain. The chiropractor was amazing tho, pure relief from the first session but pricey at £30 a go. Well worth it tho and would bring u some much needed relief at this late stage xx

  • I have been seeing a reflexologist regularly throughout my pregnancy and she has been an absolute godsend. I have suffered with hip pain and sciatica but so far we've kept it to a copable level. Worth looking into for sure.

    Talk to your MW and ask her if there's anything else you can do to ease it.

    Good luck x

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