Hi I went for my 14 week scan yesterday and all is well :-) but the thing confusing me is my consultant has put me on asprin to take every morning until birth, the only thing I can think of is my first child was 6lb 2oz and my second was 5lb 7oz (he was a month early) but my third was 8lb 4oz and I wasn't put on them then also they have said I need to go for a placental scan?!? Do they know something I dont?!? Can somebody please explain as I couldn't understand the way the consultant was speaking x


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  • They put me on aspirin because I have a family history of high blood pressure and I had had an expected pulmonary embolism ( blood clot) a couple of years back on my lung. So they were using them as a blood thinner for me. How is your blood pressure looking at the minute?

    It's nothing major to worry about I don't think, don't stress yourself too much. I would definitely ask them as to why they are definitely putting you on it though. I find that the consultants tend to rush through appointments at break neck speed if you don't reign them in a little.

  • Thanks for your reply :-) my blood pressure is normal and no family history of it. They only gave me 2 weeks supply so I might make a doctors app Monday to ask him and get some more

  • Aspirin is also used to thin the blood so if there is a risk of blood clot that will help. Also if u are diabetic or had pre eclampsia with any of your children. Do speak to your doctor as asperin in not advice during early pregnancy unless you are high risk from one of the above. Try not to worry

  • I was put on aspirin because my blood pressure was playing up. Definitely ask your midwife about it. 😊 I'm sure its just to cover them. Xxx

  • Hi, I have been put on aspirin because my mum had pre-eclampsia with me n also because it is my first baby. Its only a low dose. The midwife told me it doesnt stop you getting it although if you do get it the placenta strivels up. The aspirin ensures this doesnt happen. It makes sure the blood still flows through the plenta to the baby. Hope this helps. X x

  • Hi there, I was put on low dose Aspirin from 20 to 36 weeks due to advanced maternal age. It's a precautionary measure, it thins blood, prevents blood clots and improves placenta function. I was fit and well, no history of anything and baby was born in Feb at 38 weeks fit and healthy and everything went well with no hiccups. Good luck with everything XX

  • If you look on the NICE website, it explains who is recommended for the low dose aspirin. My auntie was a gynocologist and said its relatively new (2010) recommendation but does no harm. My mum had pre-eclampsia and its my first, so I am on it. I've got relatively low BP but it's not a risk for me.

  • Advice regarding use of aspirin in pregnancy to reduce risk of pre-eclampsia has been outlined by NICE (1)

    reducing the risk of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy

    advise women at high risk of pre-eclampsia to take 75 mg of aspirin daily from 12 weeks until the birth of the baby.

    women at high risk are those with any of the following:

    hypertensive disease during a previous pregnancy

    chronic kidney disease

    autoimmune disease such as systemic lupus erythematosis or antiphospholipid syndrome

    type 1 or type 2 diabetes

    chronic hypertension

    advise women with more than one moderate risk factor for pre-eclampsia to take 75 mg of aspirin daily from 12 weeks until the birth of the baby.

    factors indicating moderate risk are:

    first pregnancy

    age 40 years or older

    pregnancy interval of more than 10 years

    body mass index (BMI) of 35 kg/m2 or more at first visit

    family history of pre-eclampsia

    multiple pregnancy

    Reference: (1) NICE (August 2010). Hypertension in pregnancy - the management of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy

  • Thanks for that information :-) I went to see my doctor today to get the rest of my prescription he said it was because my first 2 pregnancies were small so they are just taking precautions x

  • Ok, I have query regards NICE regs - I have autoimmune disease (under-active thyroid) since 2006 age 30 & over-active thyroid age 6 onwards before that, one of my sisters is Type 1 diabetic & our mum also has under-active thyroid.

    None of this (aspirin etc) was suggested for me during my pregnancy (have 5 month old, 2nd pregnancy, lost first pregnancy at 7 weeks Jan 2014), despite my family history & fact I was 38 not long after I got pregnant. I didn't get allocated a consultant either (we live in Berkshire, diabetic sis lives Leeds & now nearly 12 weeks with twins & our other sister has 10 month old & lives Bristol / Glos. & had friend with thyroid condition there who had a consultant while pregnant).

    My question is - if I get pregnant again, should I be making hassle about getting a consultant & aspirin as precaution (in fairness they checked my blood pressure alot during pregnancy - little one's heart rate still dropped during delivery & placenta came out in bits & baba had his own poo in the water when he came out poor tyke), especially as I may be 40+ if we get pregnant again?

  • I asked my doctor again when I went to get the repeat prescription he said it was a new thing (within 5 years) he told me it was more than likely due to having 2 small babies but my third non eof this was mentioned he said it was fine to take and just makes sure that my blood doesn't get sticky going to my placenta, I would ask about it just to be sure. I also have to go for a placental scan at some point toake sure everything is fine. (I also lost a baby earlier this year) hope this helps x

  • Needless to say diabetic sis has consultant, diabetic doctor types & nutritionist, etc. & had early scan at 6 weeks so knows its twins.

    My baby son was 6lb nearly 11oz at birth.

  • I was 5lb when I was born, middle sis 7lb something, diabetic sis 8lb something.

  • Thanks Jodie231104 that's really helpful! Sounds like you have had a tough year - sorry for your loss.

    I was lucky not to have other children to be upset / tire me out when I had my mc last year, could just focus on getting better & changing jobs so could travel less (was commuting 4 hours a day when I lost 1st pregnancy). MC Association really helped me & new job to concentrate on / new colleagues helped.

    Have been lucky to get pregnant again so quick afterwards & now no matter what else in life happens, we will always have our little boy & he is a total poppet!

    Fingers X ur check ups & placental scan go well :-)

  • Thanks :-D hope all goes well with you xx

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