morning sickness cant eat!

hey all

its my first baby and I am struggling with morning sickness and unable to eat anything. I am only 6 weeks and have a midwifes appointment next week but what can I do in the meantime to gain energy and stop been sick? I haven't been sleeping well either and twins run in both mine and my other half's family

I really am just looking for advice from other mummies x

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  • Congrats on your pregnancy:) just wondering if there are certain smells or foods that set you off in the morning or is it straight away you wake up ?

    I went through 2-3 weeks of feeling rough in the morning (around 8-9 week mark) with certain smells-including coffee! I was advised to take my time getting up in the morning & out of bed, followed by eating crackers or ginger biscuits to just give some energy first thing. It helped.....hope this helps you in some way. Best of luck x

  • Sorry your morning sickness is so severe. We have some tips for easing the symptoms of morning sickness on our website that might help you:

  • Oh its horrible! I had it pretty bad until 20 weeks! If there is anything you can keep down, eat that. Don't worry too much about what it is. I lived off McDonalds chicken nuggets, chocolate milkshakes and fizzy cola bottle sweets for the first few weeks. For some reason the fizzy sweets helped settle my sickness. Also, a company called bottlegreen do a ginger and elderflower cordial which helped. And have some ginger biscuits or cream crackers by your bed just in case. Brush your teeth sitting down, bending over the sink made me worse. I think that's everything. It does get better! Xx

  • Hello,

    If your morning sickness is really bad you should call your GP as they can prescribe anti-nausea tablets that are safe in pregnancy.

    I tried acupuncture and bought travel sickness bands but I wasn't sure that either helped me.

    Otherwise, I've found eating little amounts often helps. I really don't feel like eating but feel much better when I do. Toast and cans of coke seem to be working for me at the moment. But I've also found ryvita crackers, bacon and McDonald's chips have helped!

    Take care x

  • Fizzy sweets helped me along with bananas and breadsticks xx

  • hey, thank you so much for your fabulous advice,

    Its as soon as I wake up to when I sleep which isn't great :( as with it been my first I am a worrier .

    I was craving ham salad sandwich and managed to eat one today with no problems so hopefully I am starting to get my eating back.. oh I love fizzy sweets so maybe I should try those :) p.s at midwifes tomorrow so I shall ask about Anti sickness tablets

    Thank you again xx

  • I'm 9 weeks +5 and for the last 3 weeks I've been in the same boat. At first it was just nausea and loss of appetite but its escalated to constant retching and vomiting. I saw my GP on friday and she prescribed me some nausea pills which have made me feel a lot better. I am still vomiting a few times a day, but I'm not retching anywhere near as bad as I was and its allowing me to get on with work and feel a bit normal.

    On a side note my GP joked when I saw her that I might be having twins because sickness is much more common with multiples... the day after I saw her I had a I private scan that I'd previously booked and guess what... twins. They also run in my family!

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