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Doing the baby led weaning for LO who is just over currently 7 months, it's going very well and so far she hasn't rejected anything. I know that the NHS recommend giving babies vitamin drops but I just can't believe that we have come to a point where a breastfed baby who is also eating a healthy varied diet needs vitamins! We got out every day so she gets plenty of vitamin D and she is eating meat and eggs so getting iron. What is everyone else doing?

The NHS is so far behind with its dietary advice, still recommending that people reduce saturated fat intake etc, I just don't trust it when it comes to diet,

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  • Hi there, If your baby is still having breast milk and has started eating everything as you said, and is growing well then vitamins are not necessary. Currently my 27 weeks old girl is the same as yours. Continue breatsfeeding and continue giving both you and your baby a varied balanced diet. The NHS advice is to ensure all babies get the best as some babies are not able to tolerate everything and there is no harm in giving vitamins if you reach a stage and feel they are necessary. NHS advice is pretty thorough and aims to ensure babies get the best as their immune system has not matured thoroughly and needs all the help it can get.

  • You are doing a fab job! And I agree your child does not need extra vits. I believe that the info is given as many parents these days don't breast feed, and many families live by convenience foods, therefore children are not getting the amount they need from diet alone. The prevalence of childhood disease, illness etc is increasing so the NHS give vits as a preventative measure ( I think mainly for those who don't know how or can't be arsed to give their child a healthy/balanced diet - ) and those that do I guess it won't do any harm if they get more. ?

  • Thank you curlyk250. I think you're right, it was just on my mind because as soon as you tell your health visitor you're not doing what the NHS recommends they start to panic (and then end up worrying you!). I want to do what's best for my LO like everyone does and I do believe she is getting what she needs from the breast milk and diet....she was premature so I think you always end up worrying a little more!

  • My little one is nearly 5 months & was combi breast & formula fed from 3 days old til 3.5 months (due to number of factors including high blood loss during delivery). We stopped then as baby not always keen to latch when u periods started.

    However, I plan to provide as varied a diet as poss when weaning starts. It therefore offends me slightly that I would be classed as likely to have unbalanced diet myself or would need to give baby vits / inference somehow being I'm not educated (I actually have degree & am professionally qualified Careers Adviser, my hubby is Primary Teacher). I don't necessarily think supplements are bad idea tho (take myself due to thyroid condition). Think advice should be to be best parent u can be & use common sense when weaning (or wiv any baby related issue). If lo gets good diet, don't add vit drops if u prefer not to, but prob won't do any harm if u do use them.

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