32 weeks now. Eeeek!

So 7.5 weeks to go till baby will definitely be here. C section booked on the 23rd of October, day before due date. Its coming up really fast but I feel like I've been pregnant forever atm. It's getting harder to run around after my almost 2 year old. Hes also been a bit poorly this week with ear trouble. Had his first taste of penicillin and he hated it. Has been a struggle getting him to take it but we've almost finished the course. Its just been a stressful few weeks and its taken its toll on both of us. We were up Scotland seeing family recently and all the travelling and visiting has resulted in us being a bit run down. The Dr last week said he had a virus, then that night I felt terrible too. Uh, but after a few quiet snuggly days, I think we're almost there. This is more of a vent this post really. Just hope my little man doesn't come down with anything else before baby arrives. And here's hoping bubs doesn't swing from my ribs too much as she was going crazy the other night. I was in agony and the only thing that shifted her was a bath. Uh, the joys of pregnancy lol hope everyone is well x

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  • Ooo how exciting to know the day your going to be getting snuggles with your little lady!! I know the feeling of running around after little ones lol I've got 3 😯 my two older ones are really looking forward to going back to school which is good but I'm not looking forward to the school run lol x hope little man is on the mend it's horrible when they are not themselves bless him xx

  • He seems like his normal self this morning, although he woke up early for him. *yawn* lol and I still can't imagine having more than 1 to run around after but I look at my younger cousin who has 6 😲 and she does it! I think u just get on with it don't u, without even thinking. All my cousins 6 are boys too so poor her when they start hitting teen years 😂 and yeah it is nice knowing I wont have to wait too long to meet pink bump! And good luck with the school run. When are yours due back? My step son is back this morning. Some kids round here went back yesterday. The holidays seem to have went so quick, maybe that's coz I'm preggers tho lol x

  • The holidays have gone v quick!mine goes back tmro+to be honest,im looking forward 2 putting my feet up,after getting my hair cut+doing the food shopping of course!xx

  • Make the most of the quiet while u can 😃 x at least u get some you time before bubs arrives 😊 x

  • Mine don't go back until next Tues!!!! Yea you do just get on with it we don't have a choice do we. So glad little man feeling a little better today. They have gone soooo fast and can't wait to hear your babu news not too long to go now xx

  • Im quite lucky,my little boy is nearly 6 so he kind of understands I need rest,doesnt stop him waking me up in the morning though!its so hard when theyre ill+u feel rubbish yourself,I dont know where we find the energy from!im dreading the school run,with just over 3 wks til my section I think im going 2 have 2 leave the house half an hr earlier than before so we get there!take care ladies.xx

  • I know the feeling of leaving early to get there lol my little girl starts the junior school and my son starts reception in the infant school so 2 drop offs plus a big hill with 2yo in pushchair when I'm struggling to breath lol there's no parking so walking is only option. Looking forward to Nov when baby here lol. Good luck!! And big good luck wishes for your section!! Xx

  • Thank u.as u can imagine im getting very nervous!that sounds like a challenge,2 schools,a hill and a pushchair.im so glad u mentioned not beinhg able 2 breathe,ive been getting worried,the slightest bit of exertion and im gasping 4 air.hope u make the school run in 1 piece and u enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.xx

  • When baby is here I'm sure ur nearly 6 year old will want to help out too, plus its a good way to help them feel part of all the big changes. And luckily my other half let me nap the day I was feeling really rough as he was home so that was nice. Good luck with the school run 😊 x

  • Hi, I just wonder how did you manage to book a C section? Every time I mentioned it to my Midwife she just rejected me straight away! She said you can't have it unless you had a health problem! Please advice me. Thanks a lot.

  • In my previous pregnancy I had a health problem, I had gestational diabetes. And I was induced but it ended up in me having an emergency c section. This time round, because i had a previous c section, I was put into consultant care at my local hospital where we discussed my options. I said I would like to go for another c section and she agreed as having a previous c section brings its own issues anyways. But from what I understand they wont give u a c section unless there's a health reason to do so.

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