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Not sure how I'll manage?😩

Hi all, I recently found out I'm expecting for the second time after having a miscarriage not so long ago, the thing is I already have a six month old son and am wondering how I'll manage with two babies born so close together. I'm still only 18 (turning 19 next month) I'm also meant to be starting college soon but am wondering if it's worth starting if I'm due in April, would it be a waste of time? I really did want to start the course and was looking forward to it but with a six month old to think of and one baby on the way not sure how I'll cope it with it all? Any advice girls?? Would be much appreciated x

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The question is are you a single parent or do you have a partner? If the answer to the first is yes then it's really going to be a challenge. If the answer is no then I believe it can be done.

I started my phd when my Dr was 5 months old, I know that might not be the same for you but, you could still start college and suspend it just before your baby is born.

All this is possible if you have families and friends who are happy to support you.

All the best and God bless you and yours xx

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I do have a partner and although he does work he does try help out with our son when he can and i am lucky to have supportive friends and family and people that do help, I think as long as I'm organised and stay focused I could hopefully complete the course or at least the first year and continue the second year in the future and thank you!! Hopefully all will work out xxx


You can do this!!!

I am planning for a second baby, my PhD research is advancing as it should. The key for for me is persistence, support and as a christian God.

Goodluck xxx

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