8 hours at 3.5 weeks?!

Any of you ladies experienced this?! Fed Ellenor at 8pm last night and left my partner to do the midnightish feed, however she slept through till 4am! Did something similar Monday night too where she slept from 7pm till 1.30. Should we be considering waking her if she keeps missing feeds? She feeds well enough during the day usually every 3 hours or so.

Kat x

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  • Hi hun if your little lady is feeding well and putting weight on I personally would not wake her to feed. Catch up on some much needed rest!


  • I have been told the same thing. I am breastfeeding but when I was in the hospital, I was having to top my baby up with formula and they said he shouldn't go more than four hours without a feed. Since then I have been told that as long as they are putting on weight then if they want to sleep then let them! My son eats all days but will sleep for three to four hours at a time at night. I get a good sleep and he is putting on weight.

    The world has become obsessed with four hours!

  • My little boy has slept around 8 hours since he was 5 weeks (now 3 months). The first time he did it I was so worried I couldn't sleep!!! With my first born I was lucky to get 3hours!

    As long as she is putting on weight just enjoy it! As there's that chance it may not last long term :-)

  • That's what I go off. The hospital midwives kept telling me to wake her up, and do did the community midwife. They said 5 hours was long enough and we should make sure she feeds. We tried at midnight last night and she flat refused, waited until 3am, so another 7 hour stint. I keep telling her to sleep later in, if only she could do 11 till 6! Haha. Might just take her to a walk in clinic to get her weighed as she's not due a visit for another week just to put my mind at rest though x

  • You are one lucky lady! And Ellenor! Gorgeous name! My three month old baby girl, Niamh, is only occasionally doing 7 or 8 hours, its generally 4 or 5.

    I agreed with these ladies, if she seems happy and is feeding fine then I wouldn't worry. You can weigh her yourself at home with your weighing scales. Get the hubby to stand on them, note the weight, then give him baby and see what the difference is. 😊 save you making journeys if you don't need to.

    Hope you're well and enjoying it.


  • It's so bloody hard to know what to do! Really think they should come with a manual Haha. I have no issues with day feeds, she's pretty regular with 3-4 hour feeds and is eating around 100-120mls each time. I may just so the weighing thing, thanks for the tip Lotty :-) x

  • Totally agree with the manual! She sounds like a very well behaved baba. Mine is a monkey! Just shout if you need anything. 😘 xxx

  • She has her moments, especially after mid morning and evening feeds. I always thought I was pretty clued up about things until this little lady appeared, feel like I'm winging it most days!

    Everyone here has been really helpful, even if i think I'm asking a stupid question :-) x

  • Evening is a common time for cluster feeds, making sure her tummy is full for the night. 😊 I was really confident before having Niamh as most of my friends have had babies and I thought I knew everything. Unfortunately not! Every day she does something new!

    They are a good bunch on here. Have saved my sanity many times! Xxx

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