Mat Leave

Mat Leave

So I am 23 weeks pregnant with twins I am really struggling at work I can't walk some days and even at home my husband is my walking fram. I have requested to started my mat leave early but it was denined. I was told if I am not got for work I should go off sick. But I don't get sick pay what do I do. I am not due to start my mat leave till the 6 of October. Any advice.


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4 Replies

  • You can get statutory sick pay if your company doesn't offer their own. It's not much, around £87 a week I think. Depends if you can cope with the drop in wage. Earliest you can officially start your mat leave is 29 weeks. Unfortunately there isn't much in place to help with pregnancy related issues before this time. I had severe pgp and took a lot of time off, the only good thing is that they can't discipline you for pregnancy related illness or time off.

  • Thanks. I am aware of it but with my I had placenta previa and the company I was with adjusted my mat leave an I started from 26 weeks. But going sick is the only thing I can do.

  • Can you take holiday instead? I was lucky that I got sick pay when I couldn't walk very well. My boss also let me take all the holiday I would have accrued during my maternity leave before I went on leave. Maybe that is an option for you?

  • I have used up all my A/L but from the 1 to the 6 of October I have lost £2000 pound in income. But I will just have to deal with it cause mine and babies health comes first.

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