6 weeks pregnant with bad discharge (blood mixed in) also rash

Hay all ☺️ I'm about 6 weeks pregnant been getting very bad cramps also bad discharge with blood, I woke up this morning with a bad rash all over me, are antihistamine safe? I do have a lot of allergies to start off with but it's nothing I have had before. How anyone can help me ...

Thanks in advance xx


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4 Replies

  • I'd say go to urgent care, read the labels, but most things are NOT safe. You could do a cool oatmeal bath to help soothe. As for the discharge, you probably need to be seen. Just to make sure everything is okay. Good luck.

  • I have been seen 2 times and they say I'm ok also I'm having another scan Friday I'm just worried about the rash all over me xx

  • hi, great to read everything seems to be ok...so my wife is 6 weeks pregnant and today had a little bleeding which has worried her, we now have a scan tomorrow at 2pm to make sure things are ok. There has been no further bleeding and she isnt in pain except a mild discomfort in lower right but hoping just some early pregnancy bleeding,

  • Piriton is pretty much the only antihistamine you can take as far as i know.

    I have had to have a few doses because i had terrible hayfever and the midwife was happy.

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