Just feeling incredibly helpful this morning. I have just visited my local sainsburys superstore and they've got their amazing 25% off TU clothing on 😀 and I can definitely recommend the jeggings they've got for £12.50. They stretch miles so will cover bump for aaaages. Go grab some girlies! Especially if you are a sainsburys employee as it's 15% discount at the moment. Making total savings 40%!!!!!!

Also they've got some gorgeous baby clothes at the moment.... I think I might have gone over board ooooops.


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  • I have shares in Sainsburys! Haha. The baby clothes last really well. 😊 hope you're well Mrs! Xxx

  • Yeh really good tar lovely, and u? Well I say good.... If you mean poor but I've still got a smile on my face.... Then yes I'm good 😆

  • Haha. It doesn't get any better! Ive just had mu sure start maternity grant declined because I earn too much apparently. On maternity pay, earn too much! How? Lol.

    Were good. Niamh is having a growth spurt so it feeding loads and not sleeping as well, but I'll survive. 😊

    How long till you meet your gorgeous girls now? Xxx

  • Looking around 10 weeks! Eeeekkkkk!

    Wow! How is it possible to earn to much on maternity, that's... Erm.... Mental.

    God next you'll be telling us that's she's sitting up and crawling! I can't believe just how fast time does fly when you have little people. I can fully appreciate the meaning of, enjoy them whilst they're little.

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