Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine.. yay or nay?

So.. just wondering if anyone has one of these and what their opinions are on them? I was up for the idea of one until my friend moaned that it doesn't make the bottles warm enough then yesterday another friend was bigging it up saying it was a must have as it was a life saver when she was up through the night.. so I just wondered if anyone wouldn't recommend one and why not- other than the fact they can be seen as lazy!

I'm going to be a first time mummy and don't want a screaming distressed baby at 3am! :)


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11 Replies

  • Hi hun I'm on baby number 4, I've brought one of these this time as I'm only planning in bf for a couple of days then moving on to formula. I love the idea of them and have only read good reviews on them so I thought why not. Trust me there is nothing worse than a crying baby at 2am in the winter and your waiting for a bottle to cool down lol xx

  • whens your baby due? im due Nov. 2nd so well in to Winter!! just trying to get some pro's and con's.. can get it for £45 on amazon so tempted to just buy it before it goes up in price- alternatively see how i get on with baby when its here lol just dont like the idea of keeping baby waiting for milk and waking daddy when daddy has work the next day!xx

  • I'm due the 5th November so we are close lol. We got ours off amazon too and 45pound Is a good price 😀 xx

  • haha i have a friend due 1st Nov.. i was gonna get you to give me honest feedback.. but........... lol xxx

  • Haha no can do I'm afraid 😊 xx

  • It was an absolute life saver for me! I was planning on breastfeeding so having to wait up to half an hour for the bottle to be made as per instructions was horrendous. My LO didn't show many feeding cues and went from zero to screaming in a few minutes so the wait for the bottle was terrible. The machine makes the bottle so quickly and it's at body temperature which is perfect for babies. Several of my friends have them and I recommend them to anyone I know who is bottle feeding!

    I definitely wouldn't call it lazy. Anything you can do to make less stress for yourself then do it. As a first time mum I think I was in shock about how much my life has changed and this made a massive difference to me. Hope things go well for you x

  • It is amazing!!! Best thing we ever bought!!! I tried doing formula with the kettle and it was a nightmare. There have been several times in the night where it has literally saved my sanity. I cannot recommend it highly enough and have friends who say the same 😄

  • Totally agree wiv other posters here!! I have 4 month old boy & perfect prep machine is a god-send (especially at night - hubby makes bottles while I change nappy)!!! £45 is really fab price, we paid £90 for ours approx late April. It is defo NOT lazy to use one. We have been combi feeding breastfeeding & formula since day 3 as I had low bm supply due to high blood loss during delivery of baba, so has more than covered price in cost per use :-)

    Word to the wise ladies: my sister was due 2nd Nov 2014 - nephew was born 13th Nov.

    I was due 1st April & baba boy born 15th April, be prepared anytime from 35 - 42 weeks I reckon :-) :-)

  • I LOVE mine, it's been such a help as my little girl was poorly early on and we had to feed her little and often, then she had ready made milk from the doc and we had to warn or up the old fashioned way and what a pain in the bum that was now she is back on powder formula and we have been using it again and I can't say enough good things about it. I got mine from tesco direct and doubled up my vouchers so got it for nothing as I had enough vouchers to cover might be worth a look. (if you have tesco vouchers) I often say to my husband if he leaves me he can take anything apart from the perfect prep and her jumperoo!!! 😂

  • I have mine as I was trying to combination feed, though she won't take a bottle at the minute the little diva that she is. Haha. It is good, I do really like it, it makes bottles so much easier than waiting for the kettle. The only drawbacks ive found are you need to let it settle a minute before feeding as its very full of bubbles which contributes to her trapped wind, and if you are going out, id make a bottle using the kettle as the perfect prep machine does only make it at body temperature, so cools down quickly.


  • Can you still use the bottle for two hours as with most bottles of formula you have up to two hours before disguarding!

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