Stress at work help!!

I'm 18weeks pregnant and had a really bad pregnancy I called in sick as I has stomach pains and the next day was my day off and my manager tested me saying how he is sorry and can I work tomorrow as if the guy never covered me they had to shut the shop but they are a really big company and now they have made me cry all day by making me feel bad and I am still in a lot of pain what should I do


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  • Hiya, I feel for you. I am 20+5 been signed off work due to stress for 2 weeks, I would suggest going to your doctors and see if they would sign you off! Try not to feel bad though.

  • Go to your doctor, I would say it is not worth the risk to you and your baby to go into work. It's really bad of your boss to do that- I assume that he isn't pregnant so why can't he go and mind the shop?!

  • Really feel for you on this, for the last couple of months I really didn't want to be in work.

    I agree with the other ladies: your only priority right now is the health of you and your baby, so it really would be best to remove the stress from your life for now. I'm sure the doctor will sign you off, and make sure you get plenty of rest and relax as much as you can. Try and focus on what's happening in your body, you're growing a beautiful little baby, and you're nearly halfway through!

    Good luck with this xx

  • If your boss didn't arrange cover when you were off that's his problem! Get your dr to sign you off sick for stress at work affecting your pregnancy. This should panic your boss into treating you better and anything pregnancy related can't count against you on your sick record. Is there not a HR dept in the company you can go to? Also make sure you mention all this in your risk assessment meeting.

    You should accrue holiday throughout your maternity leave so I took my holiday for the year in advance before giving birth to minimise stress (though not sure my boss had to let me have it). It meant he could arrange cover and knew where he stood so we were both happy. I had no holiday when I left but then I'm not going back. Maybe this could be an option for you although obviously you should always go off sick if you are ill.

    Best of luck. x

  • If he is saying that you should not take your day off, because you had a day off sick, that is not how things work. He can't rearrange your working week to make the sick days days off instead of working days. If he is asking whether you can change your day off and work tomorrow and have Sunday off instead, then that is up to you to decide. If you are happy to be flexible about working days that is fine. If you are still ill you should not go to work. If you are signed off sick during a time you should be on holiday that does not count as taking your holiday and you should get that time back too.

  • Some really good advice here. I took a days holiday every week from around 20 weeks to try and lessen how tired I got which helped me not get as ill. My hr dept said to me if it came to it that I could work from home if it meant iii was less stressed. There are massive health and safety implications for employers of pregnant women now, if something happens they can be held responsible if its not proven that they did the most they could to protect you both. I would speak with your HR department. Good luck. Xxx

  • i would recommend to go on the goverment web site and find out bout your rights n pregnancy at work.there are laws which protect you against managers that thinktey can pull their weight around you we are protected against unfair dismissal too. no matter how much sick we take.get some info perpare yourself and be confindent.

  • I had issues the other night, I was running the store on the evening shift (3-11), and could I get cover at such short notice? Nope. Problem is the manager lives an hour and a half away by which time it we'd have been pointless him coming, the deputy lives a million miles away as well and all the other team leaders just didn't want to know. I tried other stores and because they only run with 1 team leader at a time as well, they couldn't help me. Fortunately I have an amazing staff team who all know what is expected of them, so whilst I spent the evening with my head down the loo, they sorted the store.

    I've got to have a word with the boss about what hours I'm working because the late nights are slowly killing me....

    Like the ladies above have said, talk to your doctor/midwife and your HR department. There really is so much red tape for employers of pregnant ladies, so they really should bend over backwards to ensure you are fig and well and safe.

    Hope everything is going ok xxxxx

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