Pregnant with twines pulling hair out

So I am 20 weeks pregnant with twines I have 4 kids already and I work full time I feel like I am going to go mental my youngest is 21 month old and still needs to be babied my 16& 9 year old feel they are men and my 5 year daughter feels I don't love her anymore. How do I do this I am a mental health nurse but we too need some mental support.


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  • Wow, Melissa it really sounds like you've got your hands full, no wonder you feel like pulling your hair out!

    Lots of blogs I've read suggest that it's really important to actively divide your time up - even write down a schedule - that includes time for everyone, including you. Lots of friends have talked about their older children feeling they have been superseded by new arrivals - and they have done things like asked the older ones to pick an activity they like to do with mummy or daddy, and spend even half an hour a week spending time just with them on that thing. It doesn't need to be expensive; a trip to the park or watching a film or reading a book together, but just a small amount of time to do something together. Then - write it into the schedule, so it's 'booked' and everyone knows what's happening when.

    Don't forget to put in some 'me time' too - sounds like you well and truly deserve it!

  • I will try that and see if it works. But as for me time that's after 10 when the kids are gone bed and just before hubby gets in from work Thanks for the suggestion

  • Have you tried asking any of your kids for help but in a fun way, without making it sound like a chore? Maybe ask the two eldest to help entertain your daughter or asking your daughter to help with the little one so she feels included and helpful. Might also make her feel a bit more independent. For example she could maybe help you get the little one ready for bed by bringing you the pj's or help with bath time? I know she's only 5 herself so might not exactly go to plan or be practical but I've noticed my 2 year old son responds very well when I make him think I really need his help with something. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with number 2 and I'm really hoping this little trick will keep working when the next one comes along

  • Thanks. All my kids are fighting for my attention the two big once they help a lot my daughter thinks I don't love her any more and the little one just wants to lay on mommy tummy.

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