Have to be bloated to be pregnant?

Hi all, I know this is a it of a daft question but I was just wondering if being bloated is a sign of a healthy pregnancy? For example I myself am only 4/5 weeks expecting and even though my tummys bloated my abdominal area is really flat. I would of thought it would be protuding or at least extending a bit as that's where the pregnancy is. Has anyone else experienced this and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? It's just I've got a history of having an ecotopic and a miscarriage pregnancy and have a scan booked in a few weeks time but am worried on what they will find, help!

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  • I didn't even look a little bloated til about 14 weeks! You only need to put a few pounds on in the first 3 months. So you shouldn't show yet, feel bloated yes, but that's all.

  • Hi. Yes, bloating is very normal. All part of the hormonal joys of pregnancy. How soon your bump shows depends on the "fitness/tightness" of your abs. If you usually have a flat tummy, then it'll take longer to show; the pelvic area will get bigger first.

  • That's why I'm worried though because my tummys gone bloated but my pelvic area still very flat? Is this normal in pregnancy

  • It's very normal. The pelvic swell won't happen till maybe from 8 weeks. like "film girl" said her bump didn't come till she was 14 weeks. Mine didn't show till about 13 weeks and then I felt like it happened overnight cos I looked in the mirror one day and it was there 😀. Don't worry. I know it's hard. Cos you can't see them and you've had a bad experience. That makes it more painful. I just count the weeks till my next midwife/antenatal appointment.....first it's the 12 week scan and you go "yay, I see you", then........16 weeks and you go "yay, I can hear you" and then you worry in between till the 20 week scan. And so it goes till they're born.

    I'm 19 weeks now and the other day I seriously started thinking about getting a Fetal Doppler so I could make sure the baby's heart was still beating.

    I hope all goes well this time for you and we all get to see and hold our LO. xxx

  • That's a relief to hear I thought it was just me lol! And congratulations on your baby Hun! And I suppose it's just about taking each day as it comes and expecting the the unexpected I've got a very early scan in the next few weeks to check where the baby's growing and I'm really nervous about it considering I've had a ecotopic before I suppose all you can do is take it easy get rest and eat healthy , thanks for both of your advice girlies, feeling much more positive now!x

  • I'm seven weeks and bloated. I like to look down and pretend it's a baby bump :) but nope, it's just my tummy. Hoping not to start showing until I've had time to visit home and collect all my sisters' old maternity clothes!

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