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Hello ladies, please I need advice on when first pregnancy scan is booked.. I'm currently 8+4 weeks and my first scan appointment is in September, I called the hospital and I was told it's the right time for first scan! I had ectopic pregnancy before this one so I'm worried. Please anything I can do to get a closer appointment date. Please I need advice.


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  • You need to book an appointment with your midwife for a booking in apt at about 8-10 weeks your first scan should take place between 11 and 13, make sure your apt falls into this otherwise they won't be able to do the nuchal scan ( test for Down's syndrome) the last accurate date they can do this is 13+6 otherwise it's not accurate, hope that helps a bit x

  • I would definitely voice your concerns with your midwife. Explain everything to her and tell her you would like a sooner appointment. Make your voice heard. If you're not careful, they rush you through and can forget to take your feelings into consideration. Stand your ground with them. It's your body and your baby.

    What ever you do though, try not to stress too much because obviously this is not good for either of you.

    Congratulations sweety, and good luck. Keep us posted on how you get on ☺️

  • Hi hun if your scan is when you will be around 12 weeks then this is correct however with your previous pregnancy being ectopic I personally would push for a early scan just to rule this out again. If you aren't getting anywhere with hospital go see your gp and ask to be referred to early pregnancy xx

  • Thanx for ur reply ladies, really appreciate it. But I haven't seen a midwife yet, my midwife appointment will be on the 27th of this month, I don't know if my Gp made a mistake with my date as she was on her phone all the time checking massages and didn't do any checks on me! She fill my forms out, ask me to sighn and then told a midwife will contact me, I'm very shy and don't know how to speak for myself especially infront of people I don't know. Hopefully I will get a good midwife who will understand me.

  • Can you see another gp? Your obviously anxious about everything. The other option is to pay for a early scan at a private clinic xx

  • Hi, I had an ectopic last year and ended up loosing a tube and being very ill in hospital for several days. I was only 7 weeks at the time. I was told to self present at my early pregnancy unit at the local maternity hospital as soon as I had a positive test, to have blood test monitoring until levels high enough for an internal scan around 6 weeks to rule out another ectopic. This is standard guidance in Scotland as much higher risk of repeat ectopic, not sure about the rest of the UK. I would bypass gp and call midwife or local maternity unit direct for advice and an early scan and make sure you tell them about your last ectopic and your current dates. Hope everything is ok for you. I was having spotting and a lot of pain the day I went to hospital, and was in surgery less than two hours later.

  • You're 8 weeks, right? I've just had my first midwife appointment and I'm 8 weeks, it seems strange that your first midwife appointment isn't until the end of the month. I'd chase it up with your local surgery or midwife. Pregnancy is stressful enough without that worry!! Hope it all gets sorted.


    Just give a call to Early Pregnancy Unit in your area and tell them your concerns.

    I would deff push for an early scan aspecially if you are getting really concerned.

    If worse come to worse and they refuse to give you an early scan just tell them you ve had some discharge..

    I know its very cheecky but its better be safe than sorry!


  • Hello ladies, thank you all for your generous advices. I went to the EPU dis morning, to cut everything short it turn out I'm 10+2 weeks pregnant and baby is fine. So the doctor requested they Change my midwife appointment to a closer date which has now been arranged, so I'm seeing the midwife this coming Sunday 😊😊. Thanx to you all for your help and encouragement. 😘

  • Really pleased you've been checked out and all well. M x

  • Aww brill xx

  • Yay! Really pleased you managed to see someone! 😊

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