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Doesn't feel like normal morning sickness?

I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby and I feel terrible! I had morning sickness with my first child and I just got on with it really bit this time it's a whole new ball game!!! It doesn't feel anything like last time it's more like really bad trapped wind when I eat, then I can't eat or drink anything else for the rest of the day evacuate it feels stuck. Then it reaches a peak where in wait her sick or have bad diarea. When it gets to that I go all weak and need To lie down. Has anyone else had this? and do you have any advice as is really getting me down. Thanks

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Have you had a scan yet hun? It could be twins.... Morning sickness with two is a whole different ball game, I know it's healthy, it's caused by high hcg levels in your body I have no idea about the dioreaha though so best get checked out just incase its food poisoning xx

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Mine has been bad but Im sure I can say it was quite that bad. I did get to the stage where I just almost gave up eating and all I could do is nibble on ginger biscuits.... I was like this until around 13/14 weeks.

I would speak to your midwife and ask what can be done to help, I know there are pills available which can help with the nausea.

In the mean time, try and get as many fluids into your body as possible, keep you both hydrated. Ginger is a really good stomach settler so attempt a little bit of that.

Hope everything gets better soon Chucky egg.

P.s. Turns out my bad 'all day sickness' was due to me carrying twins!!!!!


Second time round for me (28 weeks now) and morning sickness was horrendous. Like u, first time round was manageable, but second time round I was signed off for 5 weeks. When I look back on that part of this pregnancy, its just a big blur. I managed to avoid hospital, I was given 3 different types of anti sickness tablets to try control it and was still sick on them. I only stopped feeling nauseous about 6 weeks ago. I wondered if there was twins in there, and in my first scan the sonographer gave it a good check, but there was just one in there. Turns out this time I'm carrying a girl though! At the worst stage of my morning sickness i lost a stone in 3 days. Good luck to you! Only advice I can give is see ur GP if u feel so bad!


Thank you ladies. I've been to the doctors and I'm on the anti sickness tablets and they have stopped me being sick but it's the trapped wind pain I can't stop and it builds through the day and then I'm sick because of the pressure and bring up my tablets anyway! I know trapped wind sounds really minor but it's 4:24 in the morning and I'm doubled over crying with it. There is no position that works, and I just don't know what to do the doctors said go to A&E if it gets any worse but what can anyone do? If it carries on I might have to though.x


Had an early scan and Definatly only one in there as well xx

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