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Sex while early pregnant

I am 7 weeks pregnant and after having a miscarriage in march this year everything is worrying me. I already have 3 children (14,10,7) so it has been a while since I have been pregnant. Now I know this sounds like a stupid question but I am worried about having sex with my partner in case anything goes wrong, is this normal to feel this way and will it cause any damage?

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I would speak to your midwife about your concerns. I know it may be an embarrassing subject to bring up but it really isn't a stupid question. The midwife may recommend that you do abstain from sex in your early pregnancy due to the the previous complications that you have been through. Sex on a whole shouldn't hurt baby, seeing as baby is in their own little world up in there ☺️. Seek professional advice, but never put yourself in a position where you know you won't feel comfortable. As for it being normal to feel that way.... What's normal anymore? Hehe I felt the same when we first found out.... Now, well most of the time I really just don't fancy it soooo the other half doesn't even get a choice. Although these dreams that keep popping into my head have helped him out a little first thing in the more.... Occasionally.... Rarely 😆

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