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slow labour


hi i have had a show abit last night and today around 11am was very snotty pritty big, i have had back pain and bits of pains asif i am coming onmy period was wondering if anyone has had the same and how long until labour?

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Sounds to me like you're in the early stages, might be worth giving the hospital a call just to let them know. Good luck!!! xxx

Once it got going my labour pain was only in my back... never moved to the bump. I had 19 hours of severe back pain. Hope all goes well with your labour... congratulations! Xx

katie-25 in reply to fairywomble

aww, i have wone up next day of having my show with just tiny bits of cramping xx

fairywomble in reply to katie-25

Oh no! Well I'm sure it won't be too long for you before you get to meet your little one! Keep moving... go for lots of walks that'll get you going :-) xx

Stay strong, sounds like it won't be long, eat loads of energy food. I found Belvita breakfast bars were good, it wasn't long for me but everyone's different. Let people know and good luck!

katie-25 in reply to Newbiemum

i will do thank you, its just crazy because i have had two my 1st i was induced so didnt experence it all, my 2nd was week early just gets you all excited but still never know could even still go full term 😞 one of them aint it x

Hi, from my own experience, I had similar for around two weeks, and I still had to get induced. Everyone is different though. It may be the start or it may be stronger Braxton hicks. Have baths or showers and try to relax and sleep. X

katie-25 in reply to LottyB

thanks yeah like you say everyone is different and ive already had braxton pains for weeks now, that was definatly a show

LottyB in reply to katie-25

Its exciting! My show was over a week before I was induced. I hope it goes as you want. X

katie-25 in reply to LottyB

a week 😀 thank you x

Just wondering how you are getting on? X

i am ok thanks still pains but nothing just slow and unconfertable really x

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