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Morning sickness, exhaustion and work


I went off sick from work yesterday because the nausea is making it hard to eat and I'm completely exhausted, I slept all night Thursday but still had 2 naps during the day. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I've checked with the 111 service that this is normal.

The trouble is the fact that its normal is making me feel guilty that I'm not at work. I work for a supermarket so I'm on a checkout having to deal with people all day. I think if I was actually vomiting I'd feel better about being off work.

I'm going to call the GP on Monday if I still feel crap but I'm betting they won't sign me off because I'm not throwing up, although I've lost 1.6kg in 2 days struggling to eat.

Has anyone else been through this? I feel like I chose to get pregnant and now I'm letting people down by not being able to cope.

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I went through it really badly. Managed to just about make work...mi work for a well known orange coloured supermarket myself. What I found most difficult.... Because mine was at an early stage.. Before we had had our scan... Was trying to convince the other half of how bad I was feeling. Comments such as... "You're not even big yet" " you're not that far gone you can't be feeling this bad" "I think you're putting it on" granted yes probably mainly in jest, but it doesn't half kick you in the dangly bits when you hear stuff like that. Even better when you hear... "What have you done all day?" And all you can answer is sleeping.... It can very much wear you down obviously physically but most define lay emotionally as well.

It will eventually pass, hopefully. Mine was doubly bad because there are two little girls fighting for my energy. And none of them wanted food that I was so desperately trying to put into my mouth. Ended up losing 2 stone!

It's taken me a while to even put on a pound.

All I can say is good luck. Find something, anything that you like eating or can cope with and eat a stupid amount of it. Just to try and get some nutrients. Make sure you are drinking plenty. If you are really struggling then yes definitely get to the doctors, they can give you pills to combat the nausea.

Don't think you're not coping, it's the hormones in your body.... You can't help that. Remember we are all on here to help you through, God, these lot have talked me back to sanity more than once!!!!!

Once again.... GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

lbuk in reply to Completenewbie

The nausea is not too bad, it was worse earlier in the week but I didn't have the exhaustion. I'm only 7 weeks so I'm hoping it'll pass but I'm going to phone the GP on Monday to get checked. I'm hoping it's not anaemia as I was told I would get anaemic as I'm vegetarian. I wouldn't mind adding some fish products into my diet for the good of the developing baby but right now I'm having enough trouble making myself eat the things I do want, let alone the things I really don't want to eat.

You read about people being seriously sick and no wonder they're struggling but I've got nothing like that and I'm still finding it really hard.

In a way I hope it is anaemia or something else than can be treated otherwise I'm just going to have to let it get on with it.

Hanhan in reply to lbuk

Being a vegetarian and pregnant does not mean you will become anaemic, who has told you this? I've been a veggie for 13 years and my iron levels hardly dropped at all during my pregnancy. I took the pregnacare multi vits with fish oil tablets for the whole of my pregnancy (and still taking now as breast feeding), might be worth trying these? I felt dreadful from week 6-13 and felt pretty much my normal self by week 18. The doctor signed me off work for week 6 and 7, I wasn't ever actually sick but felt completely exhausted and was sleeping for 18 hours a day. He was also very helpful and gave a virus as the reason (the symptoms are pretty much the same as an awful virus!) as we didnt want to tell anyone about the pregnancy until the 12 week scan. Then when I went back he gave me a fit to note work with reduced hours recommended for the next month or so which really helped me get through that period.

I felt guilty too, I wanted a baby so felt that I shouldn't be moaning about feeling so bad. Believe me, it will pass. I stuck to a healthy diet and did plenty of walking and yoga with a bit of maternity reflexology and can honestly say I really enjoyed being pregnant (after the first few months!).

Hope you're feeling better soon, take care xxxxxx

Pregnancy is a strange thing and does so many strange things to our bodies. I was exactly the same except I was vomiting too but I honestly think the feeling sick is worse than the being sick so I completely sympathise with you hun. If your worried about anemia maybe arrange a blood test and start taking some pregnancy vitamins such as pregnacare as these contain all the vitamins we need when pregnant 😊 please don't be hard on yourself, building a baby is bloody hard work! This pregnancy (4th) has been my hardest so far but the worst had past by around 16weeks and now I'm truly blooming lol. Have a bit of patience with yourself lovely your doing a amazing thing xx

I know exactly how you feel. I had nausea and exhaustion from week 5 to week 19. I'm only on week 22 now still very tired.

We didn't want to tell anyone until after our scan. I really struggled to cope. My husband just didn't get it. Like you I thought I chose to have this baby we got pregnant easily I'm so lucky but I'm miserable!

I stuck it out at work cause I felt I had to but it did me no favours and I now wish I hadn't especially as for me it went on for so long.

My advise is to be selfish! Be firm with your gp that you aren't well enough to work. You will get through this. We had a private scan at 18 weeks as I really needed a pick me up. It helped loads plus we found out we were having a wee boy which is what I wanted. Then the all lead at 20 weeks scan was another boost.

Now I'm still shattered. Up 6-10 times per night to go to the toilet but feeling less sick means I can cope. I was in such a dark place at your stage but you will get thought it. Now I can feel our wee boy moving it makes it all worth it already. Take it easy pet.

Oh its horrible isn't it! Completenewbies's story is very similar to mine, I lost ell over a stone in the first 20 weeks struggling to keep food down and finding things I wanted to eat. I pretty much lived of McDonalds chicken nuggets and chocolate milkshake early on. (then fruit and chocolate later) and the tiredness is sooo weird, you just don't expect it. And its not even just being tired, you physically can hardly do anything. 😢

Firstly it did get better for me, the sickness and nausea around 20 weeks and the exhaustion was off and on until 12 weeks. My doctor did sign me off for a full week and all I did was sleep. I when it was really bad resorted to slim fast milkshakes, yes calorie wise they are not enough but they have a lot of nutrients in them, I just made mine with full fat milk, so if all else fails you could try that. Do not worry about what you are putting in your body too much right now, just eat whatever your body wants. At my first scan they initially thought I was further on than I thought as she was quite large, so no harm had come to her.

She's 8 weeks old tomorrow and definitely has a super healthy set of lungs. Haha. But totally worth feeling crap for nearly 10 months. ❤


Whoa! Stop been so hard on yourself hun, yours and your babies health is far more important than any job! There is a plus side that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, it's your hcg levels that make you sick, mine are super high as I'm having twins! Get your midwife to check your iron levels because it's iron that affects your oxygen levels and a lack of oxygen makes you shattered, hope that helps a bit xx

Hi there, firstly please do not be so hard on yourself, it's absolutely normal to feel tired and exhausted when ur pregnant regardless. and when ur working and also feeling nauseas ur bound to feel extra tired. I know exactly how ur feeling to be honest, I'm currently 21weeks pregnant with twins😊 and the first 3months were the most difficult as I was always sick and always dizzy. I work at a gp practice and couldn't even take time of work due short of staff. So I would just try my best to get on with the day because I knew at the end of it all I will have two beautiful babies I have so longed for. Jus try to drink sips of water maybe through straws, try nibbling on ginger biscuit coz that helped me a lil, also warm milk worked for me. I use to nap 3times during the day in weekends and was in bed straight from work for a nap too lol. I have a 6year old so it was pretty hard to manage time for everything but you do get through. Our bodies are going through a huge change so we need to let it with out feelin guilty for the effect it's having in everything else. Just focus on ur well being, u n ur baby are your number one priority so don't feel ur letting anyone down. Goodluck and hope you pass the sickness stage earlier than I did ☺️

I've been signed off for a week now which has helped because I'm not stressing so much about getting back to work. Hopefully next week it'll have settled down a bit and I can get back to normal.

Lbuk, glad u signed off now & not stressed. Pls don't worry, u r entitled to time off from work due to pregnancy related illness by law. U have to look after u & baba!! Work will have to accommodate if ur time off is reasonable (which a week or so defo is) & maybe support u wiv reduced hours / workload / work station assessment while ur preg. Coz ur on checkout u could ask for more regular short breaks when back so u can nibble / get fluids (that is: graze rather than 3 larger meals).

Like others posters - I relate & it's totally normal. I was tired, but not as bad as u, but I suffered wiv nausea badly bout 7 months of pregnancy (had round 6-8 weeks round 20-24 + weeks of no nausea). I'm mostly veggie too (was full veggie for 13 yrs) & have thyroid condition, luckily no anaemia, but I took pregnacare bits thru out. I lived on mints, pot noodles, uncle Ben rice & pasta pots, pouches of rice & icecream while pregnant & occasional sandwich; also wore travel sick wrist bands for most of first 3/4 months. Go to GP for anti-nausea meds- I took Benedryl tabs as I get bad hay fever may-sept & doc said this fine as non-drowsy & helps wiv nausea.

U will be happy to know our little boy wasn't harmed by any of this - he is perfectly healthy 3 month old (nearly 15 weeks) weighing 12lb 7oz at last weigh in 😀

I have felt exactly the same nausea so bad I can't eat.. Hubby has to cook because I can't bare the smell of food.. I can only tolerate pork chops and mash at the moment and sometimes I can't even touch that either I've lost about a stone and I'm on 14 weeks in to pregnancy. I'm going to see my go today as I cannot cope any longer it's getting me so down thinking I'm harming my bump. Hopefully I will get some answers too x hugs x

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