2 day period, cramps & bloating???

Hi everyone, am new here. I have questions. Ok, i usually have a normal period which is 5 days normal flow & this month my period came right on time tuesday (july 8) but only for 2 days thursday (july 9). The first day it was normal flow & the second day it was light flow then at the end of the day it stopped. For 3 days after my "period" i had brown discharge then cramps on & off til today (july 23) . I feel as if am pregnant but i took a pgt on saturday (july 18) & it came back negative. I sont know if i tested to early. Can someone help!! What does this mean?

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Personally if you've had discharge and cramps for about 10 days and you're usually fine and regular I'd check with a doctor. Its possible that its a sign of pregnancy for you but you say you've already tested so I would run it past the GP (or nurse that does your smears etc) just to have it double checked.


Ok thank you, my husband & i have been trying to get pg for out 3rd one. I hope this is our month!


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