Can anyone help with plane documents?!

Hi all! Leaving for holiday tomorrow with little one, flying from Scotland to England, unsure on what/if I need documents for my little one? He is 19 months. We are flying with easy jet, but their website isn't very clear on what you need to take and I can't get through to their help line! Has anyone recently flown within the UK that could help?! Thank you!xx

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I traveled with my daughter to Kenya at 3 months, and again to Spain at 13 months and France at 15 months and o those occasions all they have ever asked for was her passport.

on my part I made sure she had the necessary vaccinations before our trip.

Hence, so long as your have your child's passport/ I'D you should be good to go.


I'm not sure which documents you are talking about?

Yoir child will (only) need documents that you need, ie passport or if you were to fly somewhere where you'd need a visa then your child would need that too. But in your case just a passport, I hope you have that? For family emergencies my boy flew 5 times under the age of 1 within Europe. A passport was what we needed but at the time my husband and I werent married yet and I sometimes flew without him. As my son had my husband's surname I had to have my son's birth certificate as well to be able to prove that he is actually my son. Seemed crazy when they held me at the passport control first time round and I didn't know I had to have the birth certificate! So be aware of that if you don't have the same surname as your child.


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