Hi, I'm 7 days late and have had 3 negatives. I don't know what to do. My boyfriend and I have being careful we both have teenage kids and didn't think this happen. I'm not on any birth controls and we were happy to not use the condoms because we thought the chances of me getting pregnant would be slim. Now we realised I'm 7 days late. My cycle has always being 28 days and on the second day of my missed period I saw a red spot and nothing until today. We're both concerned. I have dizzy spells, my mood swings change to said not why. I feel tired all the time. After 3 negatives I'm thinking my body is playing tricks on me. My youngest just turned 17yrs old and I forgot what it's like to be pregnant. Ladies, any suggestions. I really need some advice :(

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  • I would buy clear blue and leave it a few days to do the test you could be stressing out over nothing. But maybe long term contraception should be used to make sure it cant be a possibility in future if you both really do t want more x good luck both pregnancy and terminations are not easy decisions to make 😁

  • Thanks for the advice. Few hours after jotting my message, I got my period. We were both excited but sad at the same time knowing we're not having a baby. Yes, I'm going to the doctors in the morning to get some contraception pills to avoid future mistakes. Thanks again

  • Bless real mixed emotions x

  • Mixed emotions for sure. My eldest son is 19yrs old with autism and intellectual impairment, my second turned 17yrs old yesterday and I lost my third child that was my son 15yrs ago due to liver failure. My new partner has 2 teenage girls. I think we were both excited but at the same time we were both sad because we both mentioned we'd except it would be good to have a baby boy. Feeling sad

  • Bless sounds like you have a lot on x I'm not religious but maybe it was just not to be right now x

  • Thanks. That's what I said too.

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