Am I pregnant or am I going crazy?

My LMP was may 2nd. Around the middle of may I had ewcm and at the beginning of June I noticed a bit a light pink spotting. I have taken countless HPTS 3 blood tests, all of which are BFN. I'm having all symptoms of pregnancy except for metal mouth and darkening of the areolas. My tummy keeps getting bigger but I'm lost 4 lbs last week bc of nausea. My OB put me on Provera 9 days ago but no sign of AF. I've been having slight cramping off and on for the past week and 2 nights ago I had some very light brown spotting that lasted until about midday. It was very light only when I wiped. What's going on with me, I'm a bit freaked out. My husband had a vasectomy 3 years ago but hasn't been checking his count. Any ideas? Please help!

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Your best bet is to have your GP take a blood sample for HGC...that is the only way you'll know for certain.

Something similar happened to me and was found to have have decreasing hcg levels which resulted in a miscarriage.

If you are pregnant, you should see a doctor to check that your pregnancy is how it should be.

Best of luck and keep us updated :)


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