8 weeks and cramping with light bleeding

I went to my ob yesterday for my first visit. I am 8 weeks. I had to go to the er three days before cause i was cramping and was spotting some and i haf a uti. They did an ultra sound and baby was fine. But yesterday at my ob appt. Ultra sound was fine and babies heart rate was 170. Today i had a little darker spotting but i thought it might be from me getting my pregnancy pap. But ive bern cramping a lot. I notice its after ive been up a while and im getting tired is when i cramp. But the still spotting is bothering me. Just wondering if om staying worried for nothing. Im 36 years old and this is my first baby. I even cramp in my legs. Thanks yall for any info.

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  • Hi

    I'm not sure about the cramping to be honest. But the spotting can be normal in pregnancy, with my first little boy I had bleeding on and off from week 5 to week 12 it stopped then. Not sure of this helps at all :)

  • If you were around the 5 weeks mark I would say the cramps and the blood are implantation symptoms. But this may just be your body telling you that you need to take a break and you're doing too much. Take it easy, make sure you rest a lot, put your feet up and get people to do stuff for you. Do anything you can to make life easier.

    Just try not to stress too much, if your scans etc are all ok... Stressing will only make things worse. I know it's difficult but please try n chill xxxx

  • I called the doctor. They said im low on progesterone

  • So they are sorting you.... Good ☺️ Hopefully all will nice and plain sailing now xxx

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