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First pregnancy weight worries!

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Hi Everyone!

I am 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I'm already freaking out! I'm overweight and I'm really worried about the effect this is going to have on my pregnancy. I came off the pill only 3 months ago and i had managed to lose a bit of weight i just didn't expect to fall so soon (silly me)!! Just wondering if any of you ladies are in or have been in a similar situation and have any advice? I'm also an anxiety sufferer which really isn't helping lol


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Hi there, firstly congratulations! I too am classed as overweight and was when I got pregnant. Try not to worry, many women in the same position have fallen pregnant and had perfectly normal pregnancys. Now is not the time to go on a diet but you should be eating as healthily as possible, make sure you get your 5 a day etc. the main issue with being overweight is gestational diabetes, which if your bmi is over 31 you'll be tested for around 26-28 weeks. Other than that, don't worry, easier said than done I know but there's no reason why you shouldn't have a healthy pregnancy. Keep up your folic acid and vit d too x

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You'll be offered a test...everything in pregnancy is an offer, you can accept or not (I'm only saying this because I've net a lot of mum's who thought they had to agree to everything that was offered including being induced. )

I was overweight but with support it is possible to lose weight in pregnancy if you do it by gentle exercise and eating healthy and not by dramatically restricting calories. You could ask your midwife for support our referral to a better service. There is a group where I am for overweight mums to be. Swimming and walking are good exercises.

It can be really scary being told you are high risk,(although it was my illness, not my weight that was the issue as I was not severely overweight) but discuss your concerns with your care providers, and if they have specific concerns or suggestions at least you then knew what you're worrying about. And you can always come here for support.

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JadeY85 in reply to Kat_C

Thank you :) My BMI is 39 at the moment so its very high :( i was at 42.2 at the beginning of the year so managed to get it down a little, just wish id lost a lot more before falling pregnant lol x

Congratulations . This is wonderful news.

Slimming world have a special healthy eating plan for mothers to be which has been endorsed by the Royal College of Midwives. It is perfect for your developing child and is good for you too.

I understand how you want to give your child the very best start that you can and this healthy eating plan will do that.

Hiya, this is my third pregnancy and iv started them all been classed as overweight, I started this one with a bmi of 29, I find following the weight calculator really helps and manage to stay on track by not eating rubbish and been selfish, personally I think it all depends on your mind set, some people think been pregnant is an excuse to eat anything, it does neither you or baby any good and it's harder to shift afterwards which usually never happens for people who start off thinking like that, it also makes labour a lot lot harder the fatter and more unfit that you are the more difficult your labour will be, If I ate as healthy when not pregnant I would have a perfect bmi lol good luck and congrats xx ps Google a weight chart

Thank you everyone, your replies have all been really helpful! I do eat relatively healthy most of them time but i do need to cut out the cakes and crisps haha combined with some exercise maybe it wont be as bad as I'm imagining its going to be! x

Congrats!!!!! Before I became pregnant with these two little madams I was a size 18/20, I wouldn't worry too much, there is a chance you could lose some more weight before baby weight starts to take hold. I have lost 2 stone through this pregnancy so the girls still haven't had an effect on any weight gain yet and I'm now 21+2. Everything seems to be goi g fine. So don't let it all stress you out unnessarily. You'll be fine ☺️

Thank you :) wow you're having twins?! Congrats to you as well! How you getting on?. Yea I'm an 18/20 as well! I'm glad I've found out I'm pregnant early on so at least I can start eating better in plenty of time like you said before the baby weight comes :) I'll try not to stress too much :) x

Yeh twins! I'm still trying to get used to it lol I wish you all the luck in the world... Especially on the food side of things. Let's hope baby wants healthy lovely food. The girls have decided that they have sweet teeth! Nooooooo!!!!! Lol

Well my sickness kicked in on Saturday morning and i feel constantly sick! I was sick a little bit this morning when i brushed my teeth but other than that i just feel it. I have zero appetite but trying to eat just bland things like ham sandwiches, i cant stomach any smell its so weird!!!

I recommend ginger. Ginger is a god send. It settles the stomach. The only thing I could munch on for a while we're ginger biscuits. And then potatoes... Potatoes are still good. Stodgy seems to be the way forward lol

Hey lovely, I'm similar to completenewbie in that I was overweight in the beginning being a size 16/18 with a bmi of 34 at booking in appointment. Though I had horrible morning sickness and lost over a stone in the first few weeks.

Just be sensible, your body requires food to do the magic its doing, so don't make yourself ill.

My little girl is now 7 weeks old tomorrow and she is absolutley fine and I'm over half a stone lighter than before I was pregnant. 😊 at full term, id only put on one stone. I had gestational diabetes test which came back negative and my blood pressure played up on and off throughout the pregnancy, but we are both fine and healthy now.

Whatever happens your midwife is there to help and support you, so ask as many questions as you have to.


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JadeY85 in reply to LottyB

Hey Lotty! My morning sickness happened for the first time this morning whilst brushing my teeth lol the sickness feelin is pretty constant though, i hope that doesn't last the whole pregnancy!

Aww glad shes doing well :) i bet that 7 weeks have flown over!

I cant wait to see my midwife and just talk through with her all the feelings im going through, mu anxiety is like a million times worse than its ever been so it will be good to chat to her about it xx

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LottyB in reply to JadeY85

I found kneeling down to brush my teeth seemed to help. Lol. God knows why!

My anxiety peaked just before my first scan and then it settled once I knew she was ok. 😍

I don't know where the 7 weeks have gone! But she's perfect!

The ladies on here are amazing so ask as many questions as you want and we'll help as much as we can. X

i too am classed as overweight.. i think my bmi is 31(?!) i was a size 14 when i fell- all the clothes i buy are now a 16 so they will last when baby is here. I'm 25+2 today and everything is normal and running smoothly. I'm booked in to go for the gestational diabetes test at 28 weeks.

I was expecting them to try and force me to lose weight (im the sort of person if someone pushes me- i just wont do it out of spite!) but nothings been said!! Don't worry too much- as long as you eat healthily you will be fine. Also, look up pregnancy exercise classes, i had a leaflet for one in my bounty pack and im attending my first class tonight- excited and nervous, i don't know anybody!

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