Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, so a little about me. My partner & I went through our 1st round of IVF treatment and thankfully we're now 9 weeks pregnant today! :-) We had our viability scan at 8 weeks + 2days and our little baby had a strong heart beat and was 2cm long and upside down :-) ! So thankful and tbh I still can't quite believe it :-)

I am booked in for my 1st midwife appointment on 5th August and I'll be 12 weeks. Our IVF clinic said we may not get a 12 week scan as we've had an 8 week one, but really want to see them again before our 20 week scan. Does anyone know how/when/if we will get another scan before then?

Thanks for any advice and this is my 1st baby so will probably be asking for any tips & advice quite a lot lol!



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  • I think hound your local NHS trust for 12 week scan or pay (I think approx. £90) for private scan - my sister did this in Bristol last spring as she mc first baby round August/Sept 2013. I had NHS early scan in Jan 2014 due to bleeding - had mc at 7 weeks. Pregnant again July 2014 - hounded NHS for early scan to set mind at ease & got one at 9 weeks. We're in East Berkshire area.

    Keep asking til you get 12 week scan or ask where can pay for private one. Hope this helps.

  • Also, had next scan at 12, then 20 weeks but booking appointment with MW at 9 weeks then not til 28 weeks - hound MW for 16 week appointment too (if needed) as they should check blood type etc. then.

    Our little boy is 13 weeks / exactly 3 months old today! 😀

  • Think there is a 24 week MW appointment too. Chase them tho - they won't remember about you & call - you need to the running (rubbish I know, but it's true - Bristol NHS trust was same apparently)...

  • My sister's little boy is now 8 months old 😀

  • Thanks Hough. I've spoken with her and she said I need to keep my 12 week appointment but they will be able to get me into the hospital at short notice for a scan so should be about 13-14 weeks.

    It's so annoying, she rang me and had no idea I'd gone through IVF - felt like saying, have you even looked at my notes!

    Congrats on your little boy! :-) xx

  • Oh brill news Missav!! 😀 glad u will get 12 week booking appointment & scan at 13/14 weeks - will help as long wait til 20 weeks otherwise.

    Agree u should ask bout Downs Syndrome test - all free (we did ours first MW appointment & u get results by post after) & really helped us as v.low risk of Downs in our case, which was such good news; especially as I'll be 39 in August (that is am older first time mum).

    Wishing u congrats & fingers X for u in the coming weeks months.

    Yep they never know bout prior appointments or concerns - I had to keep having blood tests & urine samples done as I had protein in wee & low blood count (white cells I think), so they don't share info - same wiv scans & MW team, didn't share info wiv each other, yet they were based @ same hospital!! Frustrating, but remember they are rubbish & it will help relax u & encourage u to chase them bout ur care.

  • Aww congratulations on your little miracle! Always lovely to read stories like yours. I'm 24weeks tomorrow with number 4, another boy ☺ 1 girl and 2 Boys so far. In regards to scan I would request on at hosp however there are many private clinics dotted all over which do a variety of scan. All varying in price, we had one about 14weeks which cost us around 50pound and the quality of the photos and choice of dvds etc is really good. We loved it we have since been no for a gender scan and 4d scan and going back around 28weeks for another 4d 😊 hope this helps a little and another massive congratulations xx

  • I was told the exact same thing as I had gone through ivf so you don't see your midwife until later. I only had a 12 week scan because I wanted the test for Down syndrome. I had my midwife appt at exactly 12 weeks so I was stressing I wouldn't get the scan in time has to be under 14 weeks for tests but they booked me in quickly and I was 12+5. They also don't know you've had ivf unless you tell them your clinic doesn't pass your details on x

  • Congratulations and welcome!!!!

    Like the very wise bough says, push for that 12 week scan, always ask, otherwise you won't get.

    Make sure you make your voice heard... I've found if you don't ask questions that they will tend to breeze over everything as if you've been in this situation before and just assume you know everything.

    Really really pleased for you sweetheart. Literally ask anything on here, the ladies are incredible and if they don't know the answer to your question, they will put your mind at rest until you manage to find out.

    Never feel silly, because 9/10 times, we have all thought the same or asked the same.

    Wooooo welcome to mummy-to-be-hood xxxx

  • Thanks so much Completenewbie :-) xx

  • Hey Missav- it worked for us too and I am about a week and a bit ahead of you at 10 weeks! Our IVF clinic also refused to give us a 12 week scan as they don't do the NT scans, they said they need to be done by a 'normal' OBGYN between 11-13 weeks. Congratulations again :) xx

  • Hi Kernishp!

    Congrats to you too :-) i spoke ti my Midwife yesterday and she said she should be able to get me booked in 13-14 weeks. So fingers crossed. Xx

  • Firstly congrats, so lovely to hear such brilliant news! Yes push for your scan and ask for your tests as well, your baby's care is just as important as any babys, love and hugs

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