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My toddler won't eat meat!


Hi this may sound silly but I'm having a problem getting proteine into my little girl as she does not like meat.

She never ate a great deal of meet but she did used to like mince and chicken specially in spag Bol or on Sundays dinner however for the past 6 months or so she has ate less and less and although I keep offering her different meats for dinner and tea she doesn't eat it at all. Everyone I have spoke to Asked how she gets her protein and it's got me really worried.

Does anyone else have this problem or have any advice for me. Xx

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My younger brother was like this growing up and it is a phase that lasted about a year.

What my mother would do is give his Complan to meet his dietary needs.

Egg white protein is also good as its high in protein, natural and low in fat. You can pick it up in powder form and mix it with milk and fruits to make a smoothie which most kids love.

You just have to ensure that your child is not allergic to eggs.

jay1987 in reply to hannakabanna

Hi Thanks for replying, yeah i knew about egg but unfortunately she does have a server egg allergy so that's out of the window.

Complan, is that the power you add into fluid as a food replacment?

I'VE never used anything like this myself? xx

hannakabanna in reply to jay1987

Yes Complan comes in powdered form and ready made.

They have really moved forward from years gone by as the do smoothies and soups now. That should provide the protein and rda nutrition required.

Their site is here:

Hope that helps!

How about fish? Even something like tinned tuna? Or Quorn? Might be worth a try. X

milliemia in reply to LottyB

fish stinks

LottyB in reply to milliemia

It may smell (though if really fresh it shouldnt!) But its a really good source of protein! Worth it in my opinion to ensure little person gets everythind they need. X

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