am pregnant again

i had a miscarriage a month ago at 10 weeks, my husband and i started having sex immediately after. now i am feeling neasous at times and also having side cramps. my period was late and when it came it was first dark brown spots and the just 2 days out of 5 days of my normal period. i am afraid to take a home pregnancy test coz if it comes out positive it might get my hopes up too high but later miscarry again and if also comes out negative i might be disappointed. please help dear friends, what do u guys think.


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  • First,don't let ur past rule ur presence.i think wat u experienced was IB.since it was brownish and irregular.jux pick courage and do d test thing.wish u luck

  • thank you so much dear, but what is 1B.

  • IB means implantation Bleeding

  • I wouldn't be discouraged by a previous miscarriage. ...we had been trying for 12yrs,finally got pregnant last year only to miscarry after was painful and I couldn't hold myself but with determination and lots of prayers and hope tried immediately 27wks and we are grateful. ..keep hope alive. .get the test done so you know and can take proper care of yourself and the baby if positive ..if negative. ..never mind. ....what is yours will always be of luck

  • thank you so much for the words encouragement, will just pluck up courage and do the test

  • Once d test is done and confirmed positive,jux keep us posted,for dis might help others in d same boat wit u.Lots of baby dusts👫

  • ok obyanny38 i will do that so, thanks so much

  • U re welcum anashe6

  • Me and my husband were trying for a baby last year. I got pregnant and had a miscarriage after 8 weeks. It was awful and we decided to try again from my next cycle but I ended up getting pregnant two weeks later! Now I am over 40 weeks and just waiting for his arrival. I was so paranoid that I was scared of telling people even after my first scan and I was so anxious about the anomaly scan! So far, everything has been great but I know how you feel. I just thought that the same thing would happen again but it's much more unlikely than you think!!

  • greetings fellow women, thank you so much for all the words of encouragement and the strength to keep going.Obyanny 38 mentioned that once i get the test done should keep the group updated. well yes i got the home preg test and it was negative but now my period is 6 days late. i am completely confused now.

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