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Anyone want some reusable nappies?

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Hi ladies,

I have all four sizes of the bambino mio solo reusable nappies which unfortunately don't fit my baby girl as her legs are too skinny, so I'm going to stick with the disposables.

The first two sizes have been used, as I tried to make them work, but the second two are still brand new. Not even got round to washing them yet. 😊

I'm only looking to get back what I paid for the bigger sizes which is £60, the smaller ones will just come with. I would post anywhere if the postage is paid too. 😊

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll send you my number/email address.

Thanks, Charlotte. Xxx

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Hi Charlotte,

How many nappies do you have in total?

And would you like any advice on nappies that would be suitable? I've been using real nappies for a while now. Just let me know if you do :)

Thanks x

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LottyB in reply to VRT102

Thankyou! I had 'nappy consultants' come and go through loads of different types and these seemed the most practical in regard to drying and are apparently the best fit for skinnier babies.

I have 12 small inserts, 3 size one covers, 2 size 2 covers which are the ones ive used - the new ones, I have 12 larger inserts, 3 size 3 covers and 3 size 4 covers. I'm just going to go and double check but that's what I think there is.

I'm a bit annoyed they don't fit to be fair, ive tried various different ones the consultant lent me, and they are no better. I had big ideas about saving money and trying to do my bit for the environment but not succeeding! Though the breastfeeding is going well at nearly 4 weeks so I'm grateful something is going to plan. Its hard this baby stuff! Xxx

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LottyB in reply to LottyB

Its actually 3 size one, 3 size two, 2 size three and 3 size four covers. 😊

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VRT102 in reply to LottyB

Well nobody can say you didn't try!! Spent all that money too, what a shame. Aren't these babies awkward ;)

I'll have a look at my stash and see what I need. Built up quite a lot now too.

Well done on the breastfeeding! Such a good feeling when it goes well :) We got to 6 months exclusive breastfeeding and now starting weaning. It goes so quickly, bit emotional about not being her only source of food now. Feel like I've been robbed of my job! Strange, I know!! Xxx

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LottyB in reply to VRT102

Aww, you've done great doing it for 6 months! Niamh gets formula before bed as she seems to sleep longer (selfish I know!) otherwise its just me.

Fab, just let me know what you need if anything and we'll sort it. 😊 I didn't spend as much as some, so that's relief!

I love being a mummy. ❤ xx

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VRT102 in reply to LottyB

There's nothing wrong with that at all! What's important is that it works for you, and you know best.

Lovely, will do. Thanks :)

Aww I know, it's the best feeling in the world. Can't imagine life without her now xxx

Hi. I am interested in the smaller sizes that have been used. How much would you want for these as I wouldn't be taking the bigger sizes?


Lotty. My little one had skinny legs until 8 weeks, and he's been in reusable since then. But we just kept trying. Don't sell them yet if you still want to use them! 4 weeks is very young still.

Also, hooray for breastfeeding. Isn't it great when something goes to plan/starts to work out. We're still feeding at 11 months and happy. ☺

Hi LottyB, sorry you haven't got on with the nappies yet. I remember answering your post before little one was born. I am still on the miosoft system now and he's 6 months old. I believe they have changed the sizing since we bought them, but we only started when he was 4 weeks old and we used the size 1 which was for less then 5kg's - he stayed in this size for a couple of months. He's only just graduated to the 7-9kg after a nearly 3 months on 5-7kg. Like craftingfoxcub I'd give it a little longer if possible before you sell. My set came with two different size cloth inserts, 12 for under 7kg and 12 for over 7kg. The new ones we use feel huge now but I'm sure he'll grow into them quickly.

Thanks ladies. Xxx

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